Calvillo to Riders?

Sitting in the dark due to blackout caused by heavy snowfall, (global warming...right).

I have no inside info or any other kind of info but was running the idea through my head of the Riders making Calvillo an offer he can't refuse. He might just agree to come back to add some insurance to the Riders, take one more shot at a cup and pick up a large paycheque for a half season of work, with a contender with lots of offensive weapons and a chance of some play off loot

Well he did play his college ball in Utah or North Dakota I think, out west, so stranger things have happened I suppose. :?

Not with his history of concussions. I think he values his health far more than a huge paycheck. It is interesting the things we think about when we lose power. How did people entertain themselves without technology? 8)

The competitive spirit is a powerful thing. I don't think that he would come back strictly for the money but would he come back for the glory or simply the chance to leave the game on his terms?

As for how we entertained ourselves without technology. When I was a wee lad, we had one TV channel (CBC) so there wasn't a lot of choice but we did have CFL although home games were blacked out and we did not get all games, maybe one game a week. When we didn't have anything we wanted to watch we went outside and played the game and we used our imagination. I was always Jackie Parker, my brother was Don Getty (which is really ironic because as an adult he is very anti conservative.)

But we did have technology, I remember when I was about 12 I got a highly technical, state of the art, CFL football game, complete with a vibrating field to moved the players and a quarterback with a spring loaded arm to pass a magnetic football. Lets see todays fancy computer games top that!

Entertainment without Technology ?....kinda like this :slight_smile: Lotsa Fun fer the whole family !! :smiley:

That will be what keeps him from any thoughts at all of trying to come back. In his 40's being the most accomplished Qb ever he did have a less than storybook ending being forced out by concussion. Maybe if it was some other type of injury but the long term ramifications of concusions are still unknown

Not old enough to remember Parker or Getty in their playing days, but I do remember the CFL board game with vibrating field. And I remember having to get up and cross the room to the TV to change channel or turn the volume up not to mention moving the antenna when the signal faded.

edmonton sun speculates that the RedBlacks may cut their losses and trade Burris to the Riders in exchange for players who will help them long term.

i doubt this happens, but makes sense for the hopeless RedBlacks.

Its a tricky thing with Burris. If Ottawa paid around half his contract up front, he may come free or close to SMS wise for a team trading for him but otherwise his age, contract and play make trading a starter or pick in the highly rated upcoming draft for him very unattractive IMO.

I would love to see Burris go to the Riders, just to hear Riders fans grovel and say they didn't mean all they said. Humble Prairie Pie maybe? :cowboy:

Well the Toronto Sun agrees... But they do employ Steve Simmons, so I wouldn't take any stock in it

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I doubt too many of them want him back.


Under contract

Entertainment was a deck of cards and a jug of moonshine!

I had that game too when I was a youngster bought it at the goodwill store for a buck didn't have the QB or a football though only had about 5 or 6 guys I would plug it in and the would move around in circles is was fun for about 5 min I found out later it was more fun putting the cat on it and watch him freak out . Try beating that with a video game.


Guys, Calvillo is retired at in his mid 40's now. He's gone guys, we'll see him again when he gets put into the Hall.

Kent Austin??? :roll: :rockin: :lol:

Besides, he lives in Montréal where he is considered a hero. His wife is also from there. Why would he want to move to Saskatchewan and be so far away from the grand parents of his children?