Calvillo To Join Argos

  1. 3rd down nation is reporting that Anthony Calvillo will be joining the Argos coaching staff, as
    QB Coach.

He was not offered a job in Montreal by Al's new HC Mike Sherman.

Tommy Condell is expected to be named Argos new OC !!

If this is true then good for him. Hope he succeeds but not against us.

It's remarkable that AC was able to stay in the same city for 20 years as a player and coach. I believe he married a Montreal native. I wonder if the family will follow him to TO?

Yeesh!! When are the going to change their name to the "Al"gonauts
MTL is TOR's farm system! :o

Funny how those things go. Reminds me a bit of Ron Lancaster coming to Hamilton from Edmonton and bringing Danny Mac and Darren Flutie with him shortly afterwards. Not quite the same I know, but reminds me of it.

An even weirder scenario with Edmonton occurred earlier, when the Eskimos "loaned" Marco Cyncar to us for a single season in 1980. I think we got him for future considerations, the future consideration being him. He went back to Edmonton and had a pretty good career there.

Zero evidence, so far, Calvillio is a good coach or even an average one.

Sadly, too true.

He rejoins Marc Trestman. Pretty simple

The answer is ... his family is staying in Montreal.

Trestman call to Calvillo for Argos QB coach job ‘came out of left field’

“And my kids have been able to sleep in their own beds and I’ve always explained to them that there is always a chance in this profession whetheras a player or as a coach that we might have to go somewhere else. They always joked around, “Daddy you could go somewhere else but we’re going to stay here,? Calvillo said.

That’s exactly how the Calvillo family will approach his new job.

The other interesting thing about that article is that Calvillo wasn't looking for a job when he got the phone call from Trestman. It occurs to me that he hasn't had to look for a new job since 1998. (Seinfeld was still on the air!)