Calvillo to Coach U Sports - Montreal Carabins

MONTREALCanadian Football Hall of Fame quarterback Anthony Calvillo is returning to Montreal to continue his coaching career in the university ranks.
The Montreal Carabins U Sports program announced Wednesday that Calvillo will join the football team’s coaching staff under head coach Danny Maciocia in 2019.
Calvillo played quarterback for the Montreal Alouettes from 1998 to 2013 and then joined the CFL team’s coaching staff the following year.
This year, he was quarterbacks coach for the Toronto Argonauts under former Alouettes head coach Marc Trestman, who was fired following the season.
The Carabins have won one Vanier Cup and finished runner-up once since Maciocia, a former Edmonton Eskimos head coach, took over the program in 2011.

Its what he should have done from the beginning … learn how to think like a coach, not a player, and how to coach.

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I think he should have gone to Concordia or McGill. At least if he built something there, he would get the credit. at UM he will still be an enigma because like Laval, the program is so large that they have no competition except the two games against Laval.

Well it’s time for Calvillo to finally quit trading on his name. He had earlier stated that coaching was way down on his list on what to do post playing. And he coached like it, with his nose buried in the I-pad. I never really saw him engaged with players. He just looked lost.
I think all ex players need a good base of learning how to coach. They need to be away from playing for more than a year. To put aside their playing, and fully change their mindset. The CIS, Junior or HS is where they should start. Then move into a junior CFL position to learn that side of the game. It’s a whole new career.

To be fair he was not the one to try and shoe-horn himself into HC material before he was ready. That was strictly the fault of Popp and Als ownership.

As far as it being “better” to go to a lesser program because he would get more “credit” if things improved at McGill etc. I think that’s total BS. Credit is not what he needs. He needs to learn to coach.

Disagree. McGill and Concordia have been a distant 3 and 4 in the division for years. I feel had he gone there he would have spun his wheels once again.

Going to a contender he will do just fine.

Glad you made this comment in your post.

AC was bounced around like a pinata from QB coach, to OC, back to QB coach and wherever Wettenhal and Popp felt necessary.
Pretty hard to learn when you are all over the place.

This opportunity is a step in the right direction for AC. U de M has a great program and a competitive team to the Rouge et Or.

A good move.

As a fan it’s hard to know how to measure the work of a QB coach unless obvious improvement happens. in Calvillo’s case every QB he has worked with seemed to have regressed. Not sure what that says.

There used to be a guy who posted to 3DN every once in a while, and his posts were always these epic dispositions about the decade-long conspiracy led by Calvillo the Player to ensure he was never taken off the field and therefore no backups could ever properly develop. (This assumes, of course, that the starting QB, rather than the coaches, made those decisions.)

I wonder if that guy posts here? Extending his theory to Calvillo the Coach, the guy would probably say that AC continues his lifelong quest to stifle young QB talent. Although, to be fair, the results of his coaching efforts to date would seem to validate that view.

I know exactly to whom you refer. Nostredumbass was one handle he used, and Senior Ah Me was the other. He does not post here anymore, he used to drive us Als fans nuts on the Montreal forums, but he was mercifully banned several years ago.

I have it under good authority that he was offed by the gang AC13

Disappeared around the same time as Adrian McPherson.

OOHHHHHH! Who can forget the Senior Ah Me?! The guy was in love with Adrian McPherson and he hated Calvillo. He repeatedly said McPherson would be the next Warren Moon LOL!

You guys are lucky. You had the Next Moon a few years ago, and now (so I’ve heard) you’ve got the Next Flutie.

Yes sir , no doubt about it there…Antonio Pipkin , the Next Flutie . ;DThey don’t call it “Pipkin Ball” for nothing ya know !!!

Typical conspiracy-theory nut. Narrow-minded who ignores evidence contrary to his over-simplified hypothesis. Also believes his wacky theories are the lone voice of reason, yet they are being surpressed by those who want to control the message.

Guy is so delusional that he believes that HE was the one responsible for 3downnation disabling their reader feedback as a response for him being critical of Als management. In reality, Drew Edwards came back from a vacation and realized life is better without having to constantly babysit the comments section.

Calvillo is like Russ Jackson and Gretzky, the great ones most often crap out in coaching. That being said, each case is different and maybe Calvillo will buck the odds, I doubt it though.

Rocket Richard lasted two games with the Quebec Nordiques, Ted Williams didn’t do too much with the Washington Senators. (In his defence, nobody else did much either)
The game came (relatively) easy for the superstars. It’s hard for them to relate to the guy that has to scratch and claw for a roster spot.

Dickenson has been an exception. As much as I’d like to think he was handed a championship team by Hufnagel (which he was), he still had to maintain that momentum for the past few years. Next year will be a good test if he doesn’t have an established QB to work with.

Ron Lancaster is the best example, I think, of the star player becoming the star coach. And even he failed in his first head coaching gig.

Pinball is another example, but didn’t really stick to coaching long enough. Verdict is still out on O’Shea as a coach.

I hear Hugh Campbell was a pretty good player before he coached.

Pinball realized the head coaching thing just wasn’t him. Dickenson, well said there.