Calvillo to Als as an offensive coach

[b]"Being away from the game for one year has been great, but it's time for me to get back to work," said Calvillo. "I'm here to learn. There's no set position at this particular time, but I'm up for anything -- quarterbacks, running backs, receivers. I feel I can bring a positive influence on the players, and I'm really just looking forward to the challenge."

Higgins announced that both Calvillo and Ryan Dinwiddie will be on the Als' offensive coaching staff next year as offensive coaches, along with Turk Schonert. Jeff Garcia, brought in last year as an advisor for the offence, will not be back as he returns home to his family.[/b]

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It's not easy for an ex-player to start his coaching career with his ex-fellow teammates. It will be a big challenge to Calvillo. :slight_smile:

If only they could get their coaches to play.

They'd have a starting QB