Calvillo The Great, and Calvillo The Tiny

I read this morning in the papers a pretty funny story.

The Great Calvillo is just about to be duplicated, for Mrs Calvillo should give birth any moment now to their first child.

At first, the birth was supposed to occur on July 14. Every guy on the team thought it was perfect this way because the Als were off that week. But the baby was late, and some started to think he could be there just before the game vs Winnipeg (meaning Calvillo would miss the game).

Here is the funny part:

When Ted White said this would not be a problem because he was ready to take on the leads, Mrs Calvillo was rushed to the hospital, and they are now trying to provoke the childbirth. lol!

Congrats to the soon to be father and his wife.

I guess Mrs. Cavillo wants the Als to win, thank you Mrs.C.
Hope everything comes out great!

Damn Ted, keep tour BIG FAT mouth shut the next time.

Hey, Hey, Hey, Fat Albert no like to run!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Go Capital Punishment Go!!!

How about some congrats to the soon-to-be-father AND soon-to-be-mother?

Hey Third…Keep us posted on the baby…If Ted White starts, I’m going to edit my picks with Big Dave and give Winnipeg their first win!

Way to go MRS. A.C

i find this thread very amusing. nothing will induce that baby faster than the threat of ted white starting. i hear the team doctor offered to perform a c section if its not out by tonight. congrats to the calvillo, i am hoping the bombers sign their kid as soon as its out.

Oh! My.

Calvillo not starting, that would definately trigger more reflexions about the WPG MTL game.

I think i would stick with the Als though. They would run a lot. And MTL’s kicker is great. It would be close, but it think the Als could pull it.

Congrats to A.C.! will have a party in the Peg for him!

Hey Third…Better phone Khari before Winnipeg does. Our local radio announced on the Sportscast this evening that Montreal is starting Ted White, because even if the baby is born tomorrow, Anthony will stay home to help Mrs. Calvillo.

Even with White starting the Als should have no problem dealing with the Bombers as long as Daley sticks to his stubborn ways and puts Tee in to start again…

If White starts and win, then the Don will keep on thinking he’s an appropriate back-up.

This may sound like crazy, but if White starts, I’ll cheer for the Bombers when the Als are on offence. I wouldn’t mind our defence and special units to win the game for us, but I’d definately wish Fat Albert screws up and get the boot he deserves before we need a back-up in a game that actually counts.


 Why the cheering against White, if he starts?  
 I know you ain't no fan of him, and I ain't either, but isn't this exactly what is needed for him to get some real experience?  A full game under his belt.  Not some practice scrimmage in the last three minutes of a blow out against a morally defeated opponent.
 Granted, this would be against Winnipeg,  <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: --> but still....

 Just my toughts.

we aren’t losing because of our d. if white starts i call 13 points(1 td and 2 fg) scored due to wpg d and 5 for our o(1 fg and 2 s). thats 18 and montreal will be held to 17(2 td and a fg). that would be a wpg win.

Blackdale your right about the d, I just hope our offence can hold onto the ball and make a few big plays to back up your call on the offence…

Hey, I just thought of something…
Maybe Ted’s pregnant too!!!
What’s the gestation period of an elephant? :roll:


Great one, supersmith, that is funny. And I’m a Montreal fan.