Calvillo symptom free

A Sports Centre video on CFL - Canadian Football League Teams, Scores, Stats, News, Standings, Rumours says Calvillo is now symptom free.
He's been out since Aug. 16th and expects to be playing in week 18 against Hamilton.

He said his shoulder feels great, as well.

Neiswinder (sp?) has looked good and I'd like to see more of him. Perhaps they can transition from Calvillo next season, but the als look to be playing very well with Neiswinder behind centre.

Look at the Alouette Forum to get the Als fans comments.

or watch the whole thing

Tough decision by the coach, do you start the veteran that's played well over the years or do you start the young guy who looks better each game? If I'm the coach, Calvillo becomes the backup until the rookie fails or gets injured.

I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I agree with mikem.

Just retire Anthony, for your wife's sake and for your kids sake...


And the Als sake and the fans sake...

He won’t retire right now, why should he? If he passes all his concussion tests and is healthy, he’s the perfect veteran insurance to have on the bench in case Neiswander struggles in a playoff situation. I don’t want to see Anthony starting again, but he can still have value if Popp uses him right…

I do agree that he should retire at the end of the season, though. The cumulative effect of 20 years of pro football is clearly taking its toll on both his health and his performance.

Problem is he wont' accept that. In his scrum yesterday, he expects "to be on the field" when he returns...

anyone listen to tsn's montreal alouettes radio show this week?

Popp says in a blow out, you want to get your back-up in the game to get reps in case your starter ever goes down, which is why Neiswander was pulled in their last game.
makes sense. and we now know Popp's stance on that.

yet, the game BEFORE Calvillo was injured, the game was far out of reach by half-time, and Calvillo was left in until the final whistle.
seems to contradict Popp's view.

i said it must be Calvillo's refusal to come out of the game in an attempt to pad his career stats, and that the als should play their back-up ( Neiswander ) in case Calvillo ever goes down in the future, the back-up won't be completely green.
i was ripped on.
1 week later, Calvillo gets hurt, and Neiswander was not ready to start - which is why we saw Marsh.

i can't help but wonder if Calvillo has become a cancer to the team, with his 'me-first' attitude and constant show of disgust when things are not going his way in a game.

unless Neiswander comes completely unglued down the stretch, i'd keep playing him. Neiswander might be the next franchise QB, and this season and playoff experience will help him next season. again, unless Neiswander craps the bed the rest of the season and the playoffs, i'd only invite Calvillo back next year in a back-up/mentor role.

if he refuses to accept that, then let the RedBlacks take him.

First of all, what competitive starting QB is going to be OK with losing his job? I'd expect no less from Anthony. If he comes out and says "I'm happy being a backup," everyone would say he's lost the fire to compete and he should retire. He only said in the scrum what any QB would say in that situation.

Second, and this is a discussion you and I have been having for some time ... who's in charge here? If Jim Popp is really the best choice to coach this football team going forward, he will put his foot down and make the tough decision, even if Anthony doesn't like it.

He's far from a cancer but he's never "shared" well. This is one of the reasons we've never been able to get quality backups in Montreal. Agents know it and aren't interested in sending their guys in that environment. It probably stems to his days in Hamilton when he got his job stolen.

History does not give me much faith that Popp will do that.

I'll add the media and players commented on how nice it was that Josh was starting to feel confidant in his role. Now he gets asked by reporter if he's ok to give up his spot after playing almost perfect football for 3 consecutive games. What a downer that has to be for the kid. There comes a time when you have to be fair with everyone not just Calvillo.

And you still think Popp is the right choice as HC in the long term? What if Popp reinstates Anthony and we go into 2014 with Calvillo as our starter? A coach who can’t make tough decisions isn’t going to be effective. You’re there to win, not to be the players’ best friend…

This goes higher than Jim...

doug berry seems to have some chemistry coaching and playcalling for Neiswander.
i'd like to see them both get promoted for next year, if things continue to work for them this year.

the way things are going now, the Als are the sleeper pick going into the playoffs. i can see them getting a home playoff game and then upsetting the argos and going to the Grey Cup. their Defence is amazing and the offense has looked better than it has all year at just the right time.

Still a long way to go but I agree that they could spoil things. One thing is for sure no team wants to play them before the big game because win or lose your offense is going to come out banged up making it tough to win the following week.

i think they will get to the East Finals. they will go through the Ticats in the opening round.
i hope they host the first round, as a playoff game at molson would bring them more money than guelph will bring to the tabbies.

We dominated them at the line of scrimmage in Moncton but our special teams played their worst game since the Als have been back in the league and we lost by two. The B2B coming up will tell us where those two teams match up.