Calvillo Stays

On the interview with CTV this evening, he said that he discussed it with his wife and he would be back to play.

Chiu was not sure and evaded the question, Trestman “will be back to work”.

Great news about AC. Maybe next season, he could really 'groom' his replacement.

As far as Chiu goes, I was listening to former fullback Bruno Heppell on CKAC this afternoon and he made a good point. The Alouettes need to start replacing their aging offensive line and it would be a good idea to do it one player at a time so as not to disrupt the group's cohesiveness too much. He made reference to the Eskimos O-line a few years ago that went through a huge overall and played like Swiss cheese for much of the season. In other words, the Als may 'encourage' him to retire.

You beat me too it! Was going to post a new thread!

AC can groom a replacement after he takes Damon Allens records!!!

And it might not be MacPherson. MacPherson I think is ready to step up and be a starter now. If AC plays say 3 more years, it may make sense to trade MacPherson now, and groom Leak to succeed AC.

In a perfect world I'd trade MacPherson for some quality NI receivers. . . but the only teams that would appear to be in need of QB help would be Winnipeg and Toronto, and neither have quality NI receiving depth (or in Toronto's case, any decent receivers at all), and both are in our division.

We have all our guys. Brodeur Jourdain is ready to play center. Andrew Woodruff is a fantastic linesman. Fans are going to love him and Steebergen is a baby but he's going to be an excellent tackle... Flory still has 3 to 5 years, Bourke and Perrett aren't even in their prime yet (30 for an Olinesman). Als are DEEP DEEP on the oline. Dom Picard wanted to come to Montreal and Jim couldn't promise him a roster spot !

Larry Smith just appeared at L’avant-match on RDS and he mentioned almost the same thing. Even though he did not say that Chiu would retire, he said that he needed to keep making adjustments and changes, and that Brodeur-Jourdain is ready to take responsibility. He also said that Trestman will return, without question.

Ah, it seems that RDS has the news for it, here:

Yep, our O-line is just fine, as Hfx pointed out. Brodeur-Jourdain IMO outplayed Lambert this year. In effect, we can say goodbye to Lambert whether Lambert wants to retire or not and save money against the cap. Woodruff and Steenburgen are waiting in the wings. Our tackles are still very young. Flory's got lots of football left in him. We'll be fine. :rockin:

I hate to consider trading MacPherson. We have had nothing behind Calvillo for years. No we have a second string QB that is very capable we must keep him- I don't want MacP playing against us! I like the model that the Esks have had for years. Ray is THE QB but, Maas plays a significent role.I'm happy AC will be back I believe we should use the Esks model. AC can run hot and cold. In the most important first half of the 09 year, AC was horrible. His first couple of passes were in the dirt and, he lost the ball on one occasion without being hit. AC was a first half flop. It might have been/and will be appropriate to play MacP at QB when AC is not doing the job. The GC games have [ with sundays 2nd half an exception ] always been a disaster for AC and [ we can predict the future by looking at the past] there will be future games where AC will again flop. Lets take the Esks model and apply this to our QB's although I want to see MacP having much more time than Mass has. So lets have a 2 QB system where AC can wind down and MacP can move into a future #1 QB. I like AC and, with his win sunday he has won his Grey Cup and can move into Alouette history as the all time " all star " QB. But lets throw some reality into the picture by keeping in mind AC's problems in the big one. Let him look to huge future stats but, lets prime the pump with MacP.

Adrian and Chris aren't going anywhere. Our QB will be 38... They are getting fantastic coaching and putting almost zero wear so these guys will play and as they can see. If they take care of themselves and learn from AC , can play till they are 40. Becoming a QB in the CFL is about opportunity and not just any opportunity ask Lefors...

I thought I read somewhere how MacPherson is a FA now?
If so, I would expect several teams may be interested including my Argos.
As for next year, I am glad to see the most classy coach in the league coming back and also hopefully the Fab 4.

A good transition could be lambert at center, and brodeur jourdain at guardf, woodruff could rotate as a rookie.
Key is not to shake too much too quickly on the o line unless you have no choice like 2 years ago when Bourke and Perrett came in. says its official

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AC and Trestman

For an O-lineman, I am pretty sure that the physical tolls to the body is severe. Therefore, I can understand if Chiu wants to end his career on a high note. Not so much for a quarterback, I think. Just for a comparison, if Favre can still rocking it - better than ever - at 40 and 18 seasons of pro football, why can Calvillo not?

MacPherson still has 1 more year on his contract and I suspect at the end of next year we will see considerably more of him and he will likely sit down with management to discuss his future with the team, where he sees himself, where the team sees him, when they think he will get to start etc. I highly doubt the als will let go of MacPherson with Calvillo pushing 40 though. I would also guess that in 2 years MacPherson will be the starter at QB with Leak pushing him