Calvillo should retire........MOST DEFINITELY NOT

For those who continually spout that Calvillo is washed up and should retire, check out his game stats in the wild ESF today...

Calvillo was 30/42 (72%) for a whopping 513 yards, and 3 TD's
Singlehandedly the greatest playoff performance of his career, and easily one of the best of all time.

Calvillo is far from finished.

I'm a Cat fan, yet am constantly amazed at this man's uncanny ability, regardless of his age.

He played one of his best game of his entire carreer a week after playing one of his worse...He deserves to come back but Trestman needs to understand that he can't play 18 games.

...I think the Als. are going to have to start phasing in McPherson....Although Anthony had a pretty decent game...another year on those bones and he'll start looking like Damon Allen and the way he went out....My take....Hang em up a winner Calvillo ...cuz you are all of that... :thup:

I gotta agree with papzoola, AC is a legend but he's not going to last forever, you will want to phase in McPhearson, possibly run some kind of 2 quarterback system with a veteran quarterback and a younger quarterback :smiley:

too bad thats a dog .... not a Ti-Cat.

Sadly my picture editing skills are of MS paint quality, so I can't photoshop a Ti-Cat in there. If someone wants to make said photoshop, I'll happily post it. Think of it that the Ti-Cat is the guy who shot the Al, and Bruiser, the Hamilton Bulldogs mascot is helping him out...yeah that's it.

Als defense had injuries and sucked. Calvillo, anything but sucked, could play another 3 years I think with his work ethic and attitude. Time will get him for sure like all athletes but his time isn't done yet.

Wouldn't it be a dramatic prose if the Als traded Calvillo to Toronto in the off season, where he helps guide the Argos to the 2012 Grey Cup triumph at home in Rogers in front of a packed house of 54,000 frenzied fans, thus saving the franchise and bringing a new CFL renaissance to the city and a new generation...

And after the game, during celebrations, , AC announces his retirement and leaves the game on top.

What a wonderful scenario that would be. :smiley:

Science-Fiction or Psychotropic diet ? :lol:

I could live with it

The Als would never trade Calvillo, and Anthony would in all likelihood retire if he couldn't be an Al. At his age, I highly doubt he would want to start all over again with a team whose offense is in shambles, that lacks quality receivers, and with OC he might not be able to respect.

I found this pretty interesting from the G&M article:

“I still enjoy this game, I have the passion for it. The one thing that concerns me is the hits that happen to my head, that’s the scary thing, that’s what I’m going to evaluate with my wife: Is it worth coming back to play and risking that part of it?? he said. “That will be a big part of my decision.?

Calvillo suffered the first officially diagnosed concussion of his career this season. And though he missed no games, it left its mark.

“I’ve never been knocked out before, that’s one thing that kind of frightens me. Even in this last game [Sunday], I felt woozy a couple of times on a couple of plays,? he said.

It may just not be worth the risk to him now that he's got nothing left to prove. He could go home to his family right now with his head held high, and more importantly without any major injury problems.

yes Richardson, Green, Watkins, and Bratton are just horrid. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

perhaps they could move him into a coaching role, but still a backup if needed. keep bring A.M. along.

He was talking about Calvillo going to another team like Toronto.

oops. sorry DAP. my apologies. :oops:

I take back my sarcasm and am hanging my head in rightful shame…where is the shame icon?

BTW, Calvillo was just named Offensive Player of the Week.

Not bad for washed up Anthony.

No worries, tangledweb, we all gaffe at one point or another. :slight_smile:

In any case, for those of you who don't speak French and/or don't follow the French-language coverage of the Alouettes, Calvillo has said that if he did return, he would want to sit down with Trestman and Popp and figure out how to integrate McPherson into the starting offense. So it looks right now like Anthony will be back, but with McPherson playing a larger role and maybe getting a few starts even if AC is healthy.

Yes he should definitely retire. Two reasons; 1) been there, done that, and 2) McPherson.

Why does he need to play? Other than he loves the game there is no reason for him to continue. Grey Cup, Grey Cup MVP, QB records, CFL MOP he has it all. The only thing he doesn't have is a place in the CFL HOF and that will come whether or not he plays another game. He has also had to deal with health issues with himself and his wife. Get out while you still have your knees and an unscrambled brain and enjoy life and your family.

McPherson is ready to step up to the #1 spot. He's no star yet, but I don't see how another year or two as back up will make him any better. Get him into the game before he decides he's tired of waiting and goes somewhere else to get the opportunity.

Calvillo can still play but Montreal proved this season they can't, at least defensively or against a quality opponent. Calvillo had a typical regular season yet his team couldn't beat anyone of consequence and in arguably his best quarter of playoff football of his career (the first 3 quarters were not great it was in the fourth he did the majority of the damage) his team couldn't get the job done. The Als are on a downhill ride and if they don't start to rebuild (especially that pathetic excuse of a defense) it will get ugly fast. Why not start at QB while they still have an offense and a QB who is ready to step into the #1 spot.

It is a lot less difficult for Adrian and the Als if AC comes back and Adrian is worked in a methodical way and AC is willing to do that. We saw with Tate this year how difficult it is to be for a first year starter in the CFL no matter the talent.