Calvillo sets all-time passing yards record!

This Topic, should have all the you CFL supporters, waving those Flags!
So, it is great that he broke the record....."BUT" we go with the obvious question.
Is Calvillo actually the Best, all time OB for passing yards, or.... is he just the best in the CFL?
Lets here it! LOL

Well if you NFL'ies want to put an asterisk on it, go ahead - our balls are bigger up here.

I liked Damon Allen saying he was happy for AC but at the same time hoped his record would stand longer than three years.

notice no comment from the arrogant egomaniac favre.

Ya.....I think that we all noticed that!
I guess, we don't have to ask Brett Favre, what he thinks of Cavillos record? lol

Well Pro football is Pro Football. He still broke the record is quite the accomplishment. Funny that he came into the league when they 13 teams in the CFL. OMG the Las Vegas Posse!!!!

I was listening to Dan Patrick today, on the NFL radio network, and as I thought, they are all down playing Cavillo's CFL record.
What do you think?
Yes, it is a real accomplishment for anyone, to throw, for those many yards.
But......their argument is, that it was done on a much wider and longer field, than what Favre or Marino had to work with.
Their other argument is, that Calvillo is throwing against Inferior Defenses, and less talented players.
Hey......this is what Dan Patrick, Steve Young and Deion Sanders were saying,.....these were their own words, not mine ( For once).
They actually talked about, and used as an example that of, someone breaking all of Wayne Gretzkys records, who doesn't play in the NHL, but who happened to play in another league, such as the AHL or over in Europe.
Would those Gretzky Records being broken, in another league, where they played under different rules on a different sized Rink, against lesser skilled players, would those Broken Records, actually be recognized......outside of their own League, based on the differences in the two leagues?
Dan Patrick, Young and Sanders, think.....that yes, it is a Record, but only when it comes to the CFL.
What do you think?
Is Calvillo, in the same class or on the same level as, a Favre or a Young or a Montana or a Marino? Calvillo just a good, CFL style QB?
Would Calvillo be just as successful in the NFL. as Favre, Montana or Young were?
The talk show guys, didn't seem to think so, just based on the difference between the two games.
What do you think?