Calvillo set a CFL record


Anthony Calvillo, a 15-year veteran and leader of the league's most potent offence, set a CFL record for pass completions in a game, making 44 of 53 attempts. That surpasses Winnipeg's Dieter Brock (1981) and Saskatchewan's Kent Austin (1993) who were tied with 41.

he picked our secondary apart but timely turnovers and big plays were the difference. Congrats to tony for the record and the cats for the victory.

Ben Cahoon also surpassed Ray Elgard for the most receptions by a Canadian in CFL history.

And Rodriguez set a Tiger-Cat record for most catches in a game. 13

and most impotantly... TiCats Win!!

CFL site only had him at 12... i heard on CHML they had him at 13.

Not sure which is accurate.

purolator game stats has him at 12.

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I counted, its 12 unless I missed one..........

Continuity at QB and receivers will do that for you.

Yes, he completed a LOT of balls...but for a change, we prevented the big play, and made them make plays to score. If the defence continues to play short passes like we did in this game - prevent 40 yard gains from 5 yard underneath passes - we will be all right. The other QBs in this league are not as accurate as AC, and most receivers not as smart as Cahoon and his gang.

Good point.

According to sportsnet stats ... 15/Mon@Ham Calvillo averaged 8.7 yards per pass.

His passing totals did not even come close to the record for most yard passing per game, so that is a clear indiaction that the passes completed were indeed quite limited.

Do you think he would trade the record for a Win? :lol: