Calvillo Runs For His Life

Matthews inserted two new imports into the Als offensive line last night which completely collapsed and AC who is best as a pocket passer was not at all protected.The offensive line was completely inept.AC did not have the time to look for a receiver and was sacked repetedly.This was a sad experience for Montreal whose team appears to be getting worse with every outing.The interception by BC was the result of no pass protection and a hurried throw by AC. When AC was able to throw Watkins demonstrated, along with Oneil Wilson that the team does have adequate receivers.Lapointe was in for one offensive play and gained seven yards but Edwards also lacking protection struggled.The defense did not block for AC,the runners nor give time for AC to look for a prime and secondary receiver.The Als were penalized for too many players on the field and were a dispassionate crew!

Question: When a HB gains 7 yards on his first touch of the game, why don't you give him another shot in the whole game?

I thought Calvillo was pretty accurate last game when he had time to throw.

And Watkins just had two good nights in a row. Finally somthing encouraging.

Some things that need to be clarified (in my opinion):

Protecting a QB, particualrly in the CFL, is not always an easy thing to do, particularly if your offense is limited in its play selection/choice and your running game is not existent. Cavillo needs to balance his attack and become more creative in play selection. If that is done, his pass protection will likely improve. As it stands now, the opposition d-line has little or nothing to worry about and can just pin their ears back and come at A.C full force because they do not have to defend againt the running game. You need to O-Line to be aggressive from time to time, not always in a defensive position. According to Don Matthews:

"The offensive line certainly is an area that has been a concern and it continues to be," Matthews said. "Our offensive line has the most difficult job in the league because A.C. doesn't have mobility."

Cavillo's lack of mobility dictates the need to use his running backs more often (and he has an impressive slection to choose from). calgary does that as does B.C. How is their offense performing overall?

When you mention that the defense did not block for A.C. I assume that you meant the offenseive line... As I mentioned earlier, blocking for the QB is not always an easy thing, more so when it is constantly in pass protection. The holes weren't there long enough for Edwards but what do you expect when he handles the ball only 6 times in the entire game and the Als only ran 10 rushes in total? Just like Quarterbacks and recievers need regular work together to sync, the offensive line needs to run block more than 10 times to get in sync not only with the running backs but with themselves as well. Every 'muscle' on a team needs to be exercised regularly.

How many touches per game did Mike Pringle average when he ran the ball? Twenty... maybe a more... ask any running back how many times (minimum) that they need to run the ball to feel like they are 'in the game' and you will often hear more than dozen.

Please stop assigning blame exclusively to the offensive line for the recent failures. Cavillo has struggled for much of the season even when the O-Line was giving him almost absolute protection yet ironically, no one seems to recognize that. Cavillo is the absolute boss on offense. He needs to change his approach to play calling and selection or the 'Hoggies' are going to completely collapse.