Calvillo Retiring

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Anthony Calvillo came into the Canadian Football League as part of that unmitigated disaster known as U.S. expansion in the mid-’90s. But he leaves as one of the greatest quarterbacks the league has ever known.

Calvillo is expected to announce his retirement from the league after a storied 20-year career at the age of 41 next week.

The Alouettes sent out word yesterday that Calvillo would address his future with the team at a news conference next Tuesday. TSN’s Dave Naylor has since confirmed it will be to announce his retirement.

Calvillo goes out as professional football’s all-time leading passer. The product of Utah State has thrown for just shy of 80,000 yards for three different CFL teams, the vast majority of that work coming in the red, white and blue of the Montreal Alouettes.

Calvillo began his CFL career with the not-long-for-the-world Las Vegas Posse before leaving as the team folded and hooking up with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

But it wasn’t until he arrived in Montreal in 1998 that his career really started to flourish. Calvillo spent the first season-and-a-half with the Alouettes backing up Tracy Ham. He took over for good in 2000.

Over the next 14 years, Calvillo would start 223 of 252 games for the Alouettes, putting up passing numbers the likes of which had never before been seen in the CFL.

His 79,816 career passing yards is more than any other professional quarterback in any league. Receivers came and went, but Calvillo kept on completing passes.

The honours he amassed over his career is a list few have touched — or ever will.

He was a three-time Most Outstanding Player in the league, a CFL all-star five times and a CFL Eastern Conference all-star 10 times.

He led the Alouettes to three Grey Cup titles, winning Grey Cup MVP honours in the first of those three titles in 2002.

In addition to his all-time passing mark in the sport, Calvillo goes out tops in the CFL for most passing yards in a career, most career touchdown passes, as well as most career pass attempts and completions.

No quarterback in the CFL has thrown more than the 2,470 yards in passing Calvillo amassed in championship games.

But as great as all those numbers made him on the football field, he was every bit the all-star off of it.

Throughout his career, whether it was backing up Matt Dunigan in Hamilton or starting for that forgettable Posse team in Las Vegas, or playing in any of those 16 stellar seasons in Montreal, Calvillo was always the consummate pro.

He made time for everyone who asked and was one of those rare athletes who reach the very pinnacle of his career while remaining every bit as humble as his first day on the field.

Calvillo has fought through plenty in his career, including beating cancer after his third title in 2010, but there was no getting past the concussion he suffered this past season in Saskatchewan. The effects lingered and, just when it looked like he might come back, they returned, too.

It wasn’t until late August that the Als finally put to rest any chance of a return in the 2013 season.

Next Tuesday in Montreal, one of the best the sport has ever known will put to rest his career.

One of the great CFL QB's for sure! Congrats on a stellar career AC :thup:

CFL won't be the same without him.

Best of luck AC

…Who says AC is leaving the CFL…Maybe the Als. but I have a feeling football is in the mans blood and he will resurface in some other capacity…in Mont. or elsewhere… :roll: Congrats to him on a great playing career…one of the best ever. :thup:

Maybe an analyst on the panel?

Troy Smith Awesomeness.

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"I'm favouring retiring, that's for sure,'' Calvillo said back in November. "That's the way I've been looking at things.''

If he retires, he is looking at going into coaching, but he also wants at least one summer off to spend with his family.

And if he coaches, the Los Angeles native wants it to be in Montreal.

"This is my home, this is where I want to be, this is where I want to raise my kids,'' he said. "So my first objective is to get healthy and try to stay here in Montreal.''

He said the desire to coach grew this season when he was unable to play but spent time in team meetings and talking to teammates in the locker-room. He watched three quartrerbacks prospects, Josh Neiswander, Tanner Marsh and Troy Smith, take turns being the starter."

Classy guy. I hope things work out for him in retirement. The CFL needs him to stick around.

Best of luck to A.c in the future! Hope he sticks around in the cfl by coaching or t.v! I am sure the ALS organization will honor a.c in a respectful and classy ceremony!

Hopefully replacing Jockstrap Climie......Would certainly make it interesting if the panel had 2 ex Q.B's with Dunigan and Calvillo instead of Mr.Windbag on there sucking the life out of the show,with his pompous arrogant obnoxious attitude.Get rid of Jocko and replace him with Calvillo,the panel would improve 100% if this happened.It would be nice if TSN could make the regular panel.....Schultzie,Stegall,Dunigan and Calvillo as well as Randolf.I think personally that Calvillo would make an excellent anaylst and would make a great addition to the panel....I mean anybody would be better than that two bit Lawyer aka "Jockstrap". :stuck_out_tongue: :thdn:

what a difference a change of teams can make.

I remember him in Hamilton, over 3 yrs, 1 more int than td, not great passing pct, not great passer rating, season wins of 8,8,2. I remember clearly one day he was having a bad game and they pulled him and he was sitting alone in the dugout looking totally defeated, close to tears, and it just seemed like his days not only in Hamilton, but in the cfl were numbered.

What a lucky break for him, the cfl and cfl fans when he went to mtl. Who knew it would turn out this way.

Love a good comeback story.

Straight into the HOF.

A young Calvillo in "96"at age 24,nice stats!!!! :cowboy:

Who would have predicted that he would have 17 more yrs in the CFL!!!! :cowboy: :thup:

One of the few mistakes that the "Little General" made in Hamilton,was when he released Calvillo in "98" stating that as far as he was concerned Calvillo would never amount to much and would never be a starting Q.B. in the CFL !!!! How wrong he was!!!!! :cry: :roll:

Calvillo only played in Hamilton for 3 yrs for mostly really BAD teams....the rest as they say is history!!!!!

Here are Calvillo's numbers for that 3 yr stretch from "95-97" as a Ti-Cat

26 games started
928 attempts
528 completions
7,579 yards passing
44 touchdowns
45 interceptions
57.2 completion avg.
80.1 Q.B rating

Simply One of the BEST if not THE BEST!!!!! Thanks Anthony and Happy Retirement :thup: :thup: :thup:

FLASH BACK!!! From humble beginnings…A.C. with the Posse way back in “94” :cowboy: :slight_smile:

So you don't like Climie?

What ever gave you that impression??? :lol: :wink: I list Jocko right up at the top with the Rod Blacks of the world,don’t get me wrong I’m sure that Climie is one terrific,swell fantastic human being…just ask him,I’m sure he’ll tell you all about it :roll: :stuck_out_tongue:

What a difference a mentor can make. I remember reading an interview with him years back where he mentioned how Tracy Ham sat him down and taught him what to look for in game films, that no one had actually done that for him before.

And yes, I remember that game as well. I also remember the commentators saying that he should stay focused in case he got called on again. Not long after, his backup was injured and Calvillo was put back in. Needless to say, he wasn't very effective the rest of the game.

Too bad he goes out the way he does. I don't think he was given the respect he deserved from Hawkins and Popp wasn't able to right the team until long after Calvillo was out with injury. He deserved a better exit. A first ballot HoFer.

But Milt is humble ? :lol: But seriously Climie isn't great on the panel but he would be the ideal guy to replace Rod Meme Black.