Calvillo popping pills after KO

What do you think these were? Advil? Ludes? Viagra? You tell me.

Tic Tac's

I hope that AC is cleared to play against the Bombers next week; I really do. AC should go out with a bang :twisted:

That wasn’t a bang yesterday? :cowboy:

Keep crowing.... :smiley:

AC got "blowed up" real good yesterday!!!
I want to see it happen again!

what does it matter?

for the record I am guessing T3s or Demerol

really? Viagra? have a little respect..

Just watch the Bombers it happens to Buck every couple of games.

yup.. you heard that right.. the "glass man" can take hits multiple times in a season and keep going, but AC takes 'em once and he's done for the day.. :wink:

seriously, OP, I understand that you hate AC for some unknown reason, maybe it's because he's kicked our butts so many times over the years.. but yeah, show some respect.

You couldn't have created a more ridiculous topic.