Calvillo passes 50000 yards passing, Utah state doesn't care

I can't beleive it! I visited the Utah State Aggies website, and there is no mention of one of their Alumni passing the 50000 yard passing mark in the CFL, or pro football!

Hello Utah State, one of your Alumni has reached a great milestone! Why no mention on your website?

I think Utah State is to blame, in part. My question is, did the CFL think of informing Utah State that one of theirs accomplished a great thing? If not, then the CFL marketing department needs a lesson!

This is a great way to promote the CFL! Yet, AC's alma mater does not even mention his accomplishment! Shame on Utah State, and shame on the CFL for not pushing Utah State to at least mention the great feat.

I am sure that even AC feels a little down that his own school has failed to recognise him.

Boos all around...


Thank you for your opinion Blue "Drag on". I always enjoy a good reply from someone who can spell a word or two...


Blue_Dragoon believes the old saying "that one picture is better then a thousand words".

Makes me think a limit to how many words one could put in a post would be a great idea. I'm sure the technology is out there.

The CFL is not pro football. Remember, Dan Marino said so. Dan Marino and all of his Superbowl Rings.

(Just joking CFL is AWESOME pro football)

Marino can take those rings and shove them up his....oh, wait that's right he dosen't have any.My mistake.


nobody in Canada cares either, calvillo put up some numbers, but it aint he is a folk hero around here. Maybe if the CFL hyped their league more often, the public would show more interest.

Marino pffft. There is another quarterback, who threw for more total yards than Marino AND is in BOTH the Canadian Football HoF and the Pro Football HoF, who knows what he's talking about whe it comes to the CFL and has nothing but very flattering things to say about it.

"The Canadian people were so refreshing, so supportive of me. I had six of the greatest years of my life up there with those guys. I will never regret making that decision. So thank you, all of you people north of the border. Thank you, Canada." ( ... se_id=2179)

they did mention AC on the the utah state website.

[url=] ... 07aaa.html[/url]


Maybe if his name was Joseph Smith it might be different.

Oh, hang on, doesn't he play for the Lions?

(For the uninitiated, Joseph Smith is the founder of Mormonism)

I know at my Alma Mater, Western Kentucky, they put out an updated list of all past players who played in the NFL, CFL, and Arena 1 & 2. If Calvillo was a Hilltopper he would get a write up here for sure.

Update to myself, It took them a couple of days (Utah State) but they did get it.

who is calvillo any way?never heard of him?well not knocking the cfl they dot get coverage in america CFL=CANADIAN so i dont understand why would we print a canadian record

You've been a member for 3 months and visited as an unregistered user for a few months before that, im guessing, and you dont know who Anthony Calvillo is?

As larry would say, you are just plain ignorant. 50K passing yds is a major feat, in EITHER league!

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