Calvillo out

Couldn't agree more! Football (if coached properly) Is NOT a one dimensional game. And Trestman has showed that he can alter plans when needed to achieve the desired result.

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Update on Calvillo.

:lol: The headline says he's out a month, but in the article, Trestman says he has no idea how long he will be out...reporting at its finest...

Again, please show me where HfxTC or anyone else here said he'll be back to play BC 'as if nothing happened', as you stated in your original post.

Otherwise, go back to your place under the bridge like a good troll.

Anybody knows me knows what I'm going to I'll say it anyway.

I wouldn't be surprised if Adrian McPherson is activated before his 9-game IR is up.
If the Alouettes don't try to mould him into a pocket passer, and DO start putting together some plays that better suit his talents, McPherson won't end up just "managing" the game, but is likely to explode, all over the cfl.

One thing McPherson has had his whole career (college/arena) is a very good touchdown/interception ratio. If I were to ask ANYTHING of a young quarterback coming into this situation it's protect the ball. After his initial "gater gobbling" exuberance, Chris leak showed he had the maturity not to take any chances...and not make any mistakes. The message is getting across already.

With a great defense (other than PI calls) and an equally great receiving corp, the Als young QB's couldn't ask for a better situation. I think we'll find that all the talk about the offensive line will wane as defenses start to think "contain" and spread, hold back on their pass rush and open up some gaps inside for the running game. God help them if they don't try to contain McPherson.

Recipe for the next few weeks: A greater emphasis on the running game. bootlegs, play actions and quarterback draws....and when the suckers are reeled in....unveil that McPherson cannon we all know he has.

I'm looking forward to it. Can you tell?

I agree with you Senior. . . I'm really quite eager to see what Leak and McPherson (if he comes back soon enough) and Santos can accomplish with our offence. And I also agree, with their mobility being superior to AC's, the fact that so far we've given up too many sacks may be a non-factor with one of them at QB.

....any truth to the rumour, that Kerry Joseph is coming in ,MadJack ,for a look-see...Can't figure that one out, with some pretty good back-ups already in Mont. :roll:

oh my..

Joseph is done. you won't see him anytime any day soon.


“Hell No…Joseph doth Blow!!!”

:lol: The headline says he's out a month, but in the article, Trestman says he has no idea how long he will be out...reporting at its finest...
Don't blame Herb for that one An Edmonton paper took his story and added their own headline

From the little research I've done, a bruised sternum is extremely painful
"Doctor, it hurts when I breathe" "Well, then...."
There's no treatment except rest and inactivity.
Recovery is up to 4 weeks depending on severity.

Anthony has proven his toughness over the years.
But this one is about sitting back and letting things heal...completely
The last thing he needs to do is come back in early
and take another shot to the ribs

I understand he got caught up in the moment, but did Leak's coaches pull him aside and remind him that he's in the pros now? I can understand some fist pumping on a big completion, but the gator chomp after he'd run like, 10 yards for a first down looked ridiculous - totally out of character for a Trestman coached team. Can't imagine he was too thrilled.

Matt Dunigan called it right away--he knew. A bruised sternum ended Steve McNair's career, though he tried to play through it. Als fans are kidding themselves if they think AC is going to pop up in time for Labour Day & play like nothing happened. At 38, this may be Anthony Calvillo's last season of pro football. He'll never be the same player that he was before Odell Willis took his breath away.
Yah, and McNair's mistress offed him with a shotgun, Watch out AC!!!
McNair missed the 2004 season's fourth game with a bruised sternum, an injury suffered the previous week against Jacksonville,[12] and played in only five more games that season.........The 2006 season saw McNair start each game for the Ravens, missing only portions of two games. In the week 14 game against the Kansas City Chiefs, McNair threw the longest touchdown pass in the Ravens' history, when he threw an 89 yard touchdown pass to receiver Mark Clayton[15], McNair helped Baltimore to a 13–3 record and an AFC North Championship.
If history has anything to say about it, Calvillo's going to throw the longest TD pass in the CFL then lead the team to a Championship.

Of course, the two injuries, quarterbacks and histories are entirely unique...and your comparison is spurious and ludicrous. Not to mention inappropriate and cruel.

It doesn't even make sense. I know he's a former Gator and all, but he ain't with the Gators anymore. :expressionless:

It was great when the Bomber defenders were doing the gator chomp after the INT hahaha. Even the TSN announcers were chuckling.

Even better was Leak leading the team to a win despite the Bombers' mockery of his Gator-chomp. :wink:

Chris is young, and he will learn (and likely be firmly told by Trestman) to eliminate the over-the-top celebrations, particularly on routine plays (celebrate a bit when you throw a TD, not so much when you complete your first pass of the game, LOL). Chris Schultz is absolutely right: this is pro football, not college ball, and Leak has to understand that the quarterback should conduct himself with a certain poise. Also, we're a long way from Florida State.

...wanna show me where I blamed Herb, or anyone else specifically, for that matter?

Lighten up just a tad, jm. . . I took the first sentence to read "Lest anyone think that Herb is to blame" as opposed to reading "Jm02 don't blame Herb".

Further, you wrote "Reporting at its finest", and the reporting, in this case, was done by Herb; so the inference was in fact open.


Sorry, Jack and d&p...I have a great distaste for the media in general, thanks to less-than-second-rate reporting in our area, and a lot of craptacular media incidents surrounding people I know has nothing to do with Herb, and everything to do with media creating "facts" in order to sell a story...and after re-reading his comment, I can understand how you'd come to your conclusions, but I still read it otherwise.

...and I wasn't the least bit uptight about it, although others have obviously inferred otherwise... :wink:

You can tell it's a bye week when we start having these discussions... :lol: