Calvillo out

Would be nice to hear Als fans perspective on AC's injury. Is there any concern in Alsland if AC is out 4-6 weeks, or are the Als still the class of the east, with or without Calvillo?

We don't know anything really at this point. Obviously there is a drop off but this team showed last year with AMac that it is still at least a .500 football team.

Without Calvillo, we're not a lock to win any game, but we aren't a lock to lose any game either. We have capable backups in Leak and McPherson and coaches who understand how to work up play packages to suit the strengths of their quarterbacks. We also have a pretty good receiving corps for both our young quarterbacks, alleviating the need for either of them to try to win games on their own. Managing the game should be enough.

montreal is fortunatel that their next 4 games are against the bottom 4 teams. Depending on severity of AC injury and whenif he can come back 100%, I think they just might weather the storm.

otoh, no one player is more important to his team, so it could upset the whole applecart.

So with Calvio out for a while does that mean that the Als powerrankings are now going to be calculated with their backup QB's rating? Going from a QB with a 117 rating to a QB with a 56 rating is gonna hurt them bad if it does.

I think they be more concerned with winning games than arbitrary power rankings

I'm with FYB. Over the next 4 weeks the Als have a bye and face BC and Edmonton. Worst case scenario, the Als go 2-1.

Good opportunity for Leak or McPherson to get some game time experience - will become invaluable for the day AC retires.

Well, we beat BC and Edmonton only by the skin of our teeth this season, so I wouldn’t call any of these games automatic. We’re playing the Lions and Esks at home and Hamilton on the road. Ray lit up our secondary in week two and the Lions did not allow us to score a single offensive TD in week three.

well, if ed or bc should beat the als, then that should put to rest talk of east team crossover :smiley:

why couldn't the Riders be playing them next week!?? :frowning:

I agree, a blessing in disguise.

Those were road games. Montreal always has a huge advantage at home. What's the streak at right now, 11 games?

It's at 13 games following last night's win. I do take your point about our strength at home, but all streaks eventually end. I have a feeling that this particular streak will end this season. Too much parity across the league, and no gimme games this year.

So true. They couldnt have asked for this to happen at a better time of the year.

I can see it ending, as well, I just don't see it ending against BC or Edmonton. Not with the way these teams are playing. I mean, if you guys get Cobourne back in time for the Edmonton game, you won't need AC. Just run the wildcat with Avon and Whittaker. The game will be over after the first quarter. :lol:

AC will never retire....they will just keep replacing his parts until his reactor core expires!

Matt Dunigan called it right away--he knew. A bruised sternum ended Steve McNair's career, though he tried to play through it.

Als fans are kidding themselves if they think AC is going to pop up in time for Labour Day & play like nothing happened. At 38, this may be Anthony Calvillo's last season of pro football. He'll never be the same player that he was before Odell Willis took his breath away.

I'm sorry, what? Please find me an Als fan on this forum who has expressed the above sentiment. Everyone I've talked to is aware that this is likely a serious injury that will keep Calvillo out for a chunk of time.

He'll never be the same player that he was before Odell Willis took his breath away.
LMAO, as if you are in any kind of position to know that with any certainty. Nice try, though.