Calvillo Out For Season.

No comeback this year.

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No story either.......your link says "page not found" better try reposting it :cowboy:

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Alouettes' Calvillo out for regular season Montreal quarterback could return for playoffs

That's a story from September 4. However the Als' forum seems to be confirming the thread title based on a Herb Zurkowsky report.

Yep. RDS confirmed it now.

I noticed at yesterday's practice he wasn't even on the sidelines so I'm not completely surprised.

The story IS actually there … under ‘Sports’

Here’s the link that should take you directly to it:

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Too bad. His 2013 was a huge bust. If he isn't able to return for 2014, what a sad way to go out. I remember him throwing up his hands in frustration earlier this season and running for his life on many plays.

Guess the Als won't gave to protect him in the draft though.

An Argo-Cat fan

They don't have anyone else worth protecting though either.

I watched that game where he got hurt. I didn't think he looked himself in that game or the previous two. He looked to me like he just wasn't into it. When he got hurt I didn't see how that tackle could have caused the injury it did.

The doctors and staff on the sidelines seemed puzzled by his reaction of saying he didn't feel right. I have to wonder if at that point he just packed it in mentally. I'm no doctor and i'm no shrink but, I said to my buddy who was watching the game with me that I thought something else was amiss. I said later I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't play again this year....and well here we are.

It's a shame, but, it seems inevitable really. I think playing under Trestman gave Calvillo a new sense of desire to play. When Hawkins took over I think AC was already starting to pack it in...

Looks like his awesome career could be done , sad to see a record setting QB go out this way :thdn: :frowning: AC the CFL ace will go down in CFL history :thup:

When you play pro ball for 20 years, that is pretty much the only way it will end. For the good of the team, I'm glad they have some clarity on the situation going into the final stretch.

I agree, nicely done.

I watched AC in his first CFL season with the Las Vegas Posse (1994). I noticed he had quite an arm on him back then and was flinging rockets. I was excited when Hamilton signed him with the US dispersal draft, but in retrospect he was thrust into the starter position in Hamilton too soon. When he went to Montreal, and worked behind Tracy Ham for a while, his full talent shone.

AC was probably the best "refugee" from the US CFL teams (94-95), followed by a fellow from the Shreveport Pirates named Joe Montford.

If you are retiring, AC, all the best: you have helped make the CFl the success it is today.

You forgot Mike Pringle...Who I think was a major reason Calvillo managed to "grow" into becoming the QB he did. People forget that AC had a 2000 yard per season monster running back with him for his first five years in Montreal. Having two of the greatest players ever to play the game (Pringle and Cahoon) in your huddle is a nice perk...

Calvillo says he is favoring retirement.

Obviously a future hall of famer but is he the best ever? His stats certainly say so. Man, I wish we kept

No question he retires, IMO. I respect AC and he can still play but he's had some scary injuries the last couple years. Sorry to say it but this year was his one year too many. Its not worth it at this point and honestly, his team will be better off in the long-term to nurture Smith next season.

Believe me or not, I thought at the time back in 97 that we should have kept Calvillo as a backup, it wasn't his fault we went 2-16. He had potential, he just didn't have any time. However, if we had held on to him then he'd have never amounted to anything, plain and simple. As a team, we just went downhill too far, too fast. We won the cup and went 1-17 with the same QB. He'd have taken over for Danny Mac, taken the fall for how bad we were and never gotten another chance with another team.