Calvillo on the trading block?

The Montreal Gazette has rumoured a possible trade of Calvillo to Winnipeg for Kevin Glenn and Barrin Simpson:

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What do you think Als' fans?

I think Glenn is a competent QB, but not a star; Simpson certainly is a star, but Kai Ellis played the game of his life in the Grey Cup, so I'm not sure we need an upgrade at MLB; maybe if the Bombers sweetened the pot by tossing in a quality receiver, I'd be more amenable to such a deal..........

I don't want Glenn. Calvillo has done too much for this team for us to throw him away after one mediocre season. Let's get the offense back on track next year, fire Strasser, hire Chapdelaine, have the OC call the plays instead of Calvillo, and bring in some quality receiver talent. Let's give Calvillo the supporting cast he needs to win us the Grey Cup next year!

Good point. Sending in the plays from the bench and a quality receiver (preferably the deep threat to compliment Cahoon) will help a great deal. However, I am a little concerned that Popp did not extend AC's contract beyond his option year. I think AC will play out 2007 in Montreal and then hand the reigns over to Palmer in 2008.

discipline I think I agree with you; our offence has been less imaginative under Strasser and without Berry. Hiring a new OC should be a priority...Chapdelaine would be a good choice, so I think would Burrato (who I understand has worked with Popp before)...but we probably don't hire an OC until the new head coach is in place (just please don't promote Bellefuille to OC). New receivers are a necessity as well, particularly a deep threat which we just don't have at present.

I would not even call it a mediocre season. He still threw for 4700 yards. Only one QB did better at 5000.

I honestly think the new ball played a part in his not gett 5000

Dont forget they were 2 last second field goals away from being 12-6 and of those 6, in few of them he put enough point on the board to win but the D let him down!

You have a point about the ball ro1313. Many QBs seemed to struggle with it. AC did throw for 4700 yards but I think that had more to do with the fact that he never really calls running plays.

It seemed simple, use Edwards and they win. How many times did he get the ball against BC in the first half? 4? 5? Not enough for a feature back of his calliber.

Anyway, he also seemed to have a whole lot of difficulty this year in reading the defences as his poor (by AC stabdards anyway) TD to INT ratio would indicate. Is he finished? No, I do not think so but I really believe that the coaching staff needs to take the play calling out of his hands. He also needs to stick around so the Als can develop a new QB (ie. Palmer).

Well I would say that if Edwards rushed for 1200 yards then AC did call his fair share of running plays. I have not seen the stats on it this year but AC has had a steady 60/40 passing/rushing ratio going back to the Pringle years.

I agree that his TD/Int ratio has been down but keep in mind that Edwards had 18 rushing TDs. Thats 18 TD's that AC did not have to throw!

Finally if we agree with the ball affecting his yardage than we should agree that it would affect his TD's and Int's as well

I would say this year, his pass/run ratio is more like 70/30 or even approaching 80/20. Edwards got 1200 yards because his avg. yards per carry is so high. But yes, I agree with you, he did give Edwards the ball when close to the end zone.

AC is not a bad QB. Over the past 5 seasons, I would even make an argument that he has been the most consistent starter in the league. It's just that I find his play calling has become a little too predictable and he is not getting any younger. I believe that if they bring in Chapdelaine (put the play calling in his hands) and start to seriously develop a solid future # 1 starter (a deep threat receiver would also help), it will be in their best interests.

I think I agree with crimson here.

AC has been a great QB no doubt. This year was a difficult one for him, whether he bounces back next year or it is the beginning of a slide down to the end of his career, time will tell.

I do think the things we need to address are developing a solid backup with the potential to succeed him eventually, be it Brady, Palmer, or someone new (thanks but no thanks Nealon); getting a deep threat receiver that we do not have currently; and looking at the possibility of bringing in a new offensive coordinator and maybe giving him the playcalling duties.

But it seems to me none of the above is going to happen until we have a new head coach, so I hope they get moving on that soon; if we want to bring in a Barrett, Chapdelaine, or Burrato as an OC, or someone else, we can’t do it until the HC is in place, and if we take too long in getting a new HC some of the options for offensive coordinator will have already signed elsewhere, either as OC or even HC.

He who hesitates is lost…

Agreed, MadJack, we need to sign our HC soon. Chapdelaine or Burrato would be my top choices.

I agree that Calvilo has been a great QB in Montreal but after so many loses in the big game maybe it's time to move forward with someone else.
They did it before changing coaches and bringing in Matthews. Why not change the QB and bring something fresh to the team.
Not slamming Calvillo or anything because I think he has been the best overall QB in the last decade, but I truly beleive he can not win in the cold in the big game.

Luckily, the next 2 Grey Cups will be indoors :lol:

Secondly, in my opinion, we didn't lose those 4 Grey Cups because AC was off, I think we lost because we play fantastic teams in Edmonton and BC. They have been the top 2 teams in the West for a while now.