Calvillo MOP

Congrats AC! Fitting for all that he endured last year! All the best in the Grey Cup!

Saw this on TSN. Congrats to him. He definitely deserved it.

Who cares what AC had to go through last year!? I'm not trying to be ignorant but his wifes health and the CFL's MVP award have nothing to do with each other and should not have had any bareing on this award.
Now AC did have a great season but I ask you this, would he have had as good a season if he played for Saskatchewan or Edmonton? I doubt it. His numbers were inflated from playing multiple games agaisnt CRAP teams in the East.
Henry Burris outplayed Anthony Calvillo in every dimension of the game. Let's compare shall we:

CALVILLO, A MTL 682 472 69.2 5624 81 43 6.3 13 1.9 107.2
BURRIS, H CGY 591 381 64.5 5093 85 39 6.6 14 2.4 103.8

Legend: Column 1: Attempts, Column 2: Completions, Column 3: % Column 4: Yards Column 5: Long Column 6: T.D.s
Column 7: % Column 8: Interceptions Column 9: % Column 10: QB Rating

Add rushing to these numbers and Hank is clearly the more obvious choice.
Head to head battles Hank beat AC both times, CRUSHED them the last game.
In week 3 it was close 23-19 in Montreal. Passing numbers were close as Hank went 28 of 37 for 302 yds. & 1 TD. 93 yards rushing.
A.C. went 21 of 37 for 347 yds & 1 TD. AC didn't register for rushing yards.
In week 11 Hank made the Al's and A.C. look 2nd rate. 24 of 38 for 408 yds and FIVE, yes 5 TD's
A.C. was 22 of 40 for 309 yds. & 2 TD's. Burris had 35 yds. rushing AC had 11.

My last point, Henry played behind a ROOKIE O-line and still accomplished this awesome season.
Who the hell was on the voting commitee?
Anyway I'm sure Henry will be happier with the BIG silver trophy he'll win on Sunday.
Just extra incentive for the Stamps to go at it on Sunday!

Good luck to Montreal, should be another classic! Go Stamps Go!!!!! :rockin:

Same old garbage we've heard before. Fact is head-to-head games don't matter, only stats do, and AC clearly wins that battle, rushing stats or not.

...Congrats to Calvillo for the MOP award, he is a great qb and a fine representative for the league in general...good job Anthony...

Last I checked Burris and AC arent on the field at the same time so how can one beat the other? Anyways, cry more and be glad that MOP only goes to offensive players because no other player had as good a year as Wake.

Hi Hank!

Surprise, surprise, those comments from an Eskimos fan!
Give me a break, please.
I agree with you. Look at the numbers: Yards Passing… AC: 5624 Hank: 5093. Touchdowns. AC: 43 Hank: 39
Rushing Yds. AC: 189 Hank: 595 Wins against teams with a .500 or better record. AC: 3 wins 4 losses Hank: 8 wins 1 loss
When it counted this season Hank played his best. I actually think that any QB in the West except for the managery in Riderland was a better QB than Anthony Calvillo this year. As I stated earlier, if AC had to play Calgary, Edmonton, BC and SK 3 times this season he’d would’ve been eaten alive!
Whatever though. We’ll be happy winning the Grey Cup and AC can have his MVP trophy.
By the way Chief how’s Danny MaChokecha these days? I sure hope Hugh Campbell keeps him around a few more years. :lol:

So let me get this straight… because I’m an Eskimos fan, that means what, that I’m biased against the Stamps? Surely you can do better than that, man. That’s pretty lame. :roll:

As for head-to-head games and games against winning teams, those stats are meaningless as football is a TEAM sport, and there’s no I in team. Henry Burris didn’t win all 13 of those games… the Calgary Stampeders did.

But you continue crying and bringing up stupidity like who coaches the Eskimos. :roll:

Why dont you go look at the stats I posted that showed that AC played better against the west than Burris did

Rob Lazeo is a rookie? Wow. He's pretty old for a rookie, but good for him!

I understand that football is a team sport but the award is for the leagues Most Valueable Player. To me it means if the team didn't have this guy would they still have won? In my opinion in Montreal, yes, they would have continued to win without AC because the East had 3 other teams that were horrible. In Calgary without Hank they wouldn't have had near the same result, therefore Burris should've been the MVP. Ricky Ray was better than AC this year, so was Buck Peirce in some aspects.
As for my quote regarding the Esks coach I'm sorry but I think he's got something on Hugh Campbell. The guy is a moron and because of him the Eskimos have had some pretty crappy seasons. I used to respect the Eskimos but with Danny running the show he's turned the team into a laughing stock. (Not near as bad as "F" Troop here in Calgary) I think Danny should be wearing the goat horns for the loss in the East final. His comments to the media about him telling his team to pack for 10 days because they're gonna play in the Grey Cup and that he'll enjoy watching the Al's clean out their locker room for the Esks to use goes down as another Danny Blunder. How you guys can put up with his antics and attitude is beyond me.
I was hoping for an Eskimos win last Saturday because it would've been awesome to have the Esks & Stamps playing for the Grey Cup. I would've bought tickets but I think MaChokecha is the main reason that Edmonton has been the sub-par team they've been in the last 4 seasons.
Lazeo is not a rookie but the majority of the O-line was.

Try again,'s the Most OUTSTANDING Player, not MVP...

lets stay on topic

I'm an Eskimos fan, and even I don't think Ray was better than AC. What about that little slump he fell into when all he did was fumble the ball and throw picks. No way was Ray better. 26 TD and 17 INT, no thanks...

You would think that they would have lead in at least one catagory then wouldent you.
Yes Ray had 40 more yards but he also had 1 more game

Try again,'s the Most OUTSTANDING Player, not MVP...

Sorry, I stand corrected. Pretty much the same thing though.

Anyway this is just my opinion. Did anyone read the last few lines on my rant? I think this game has the possibility of being another Grey Cup Classic. Both AC and Hank are great QB's. May the better prepared team win.
Go Stamps!!

No, it's not the same thing. Most valuable would mean the one who is the most valuable to his team...most outstanding is indicative of the player who is the most outstanding during the course of the season, yet may not be the most valuable to his team...

...and learn to use the quote feature.

Is that better Mr. science?

No, it should be Mrs. English.