When Calvillo got hurt in the Hamilton game, I thought my Ticats would easily shut down Montreal’s O. But you have to remember that Montreal is a team, and plays that way. MacPherson didn’t have to do anything special, just be accurate with passes, distribute the ball, run himself ocasionally and not turn it over. And that’s what he did. Montreal makes few mistakes on O because they have guys who all play at a high level while executing the system. That’s why they will be hard to beat even if MacPherson is in there. The only edge Montreal may lose with the rook in there is that he may not be as skilled as Calvillo at throwing the deep ball. But he makes up for that by being a better scrambler than AC.

......of note in this weeks practice.....Bishop was actually seen RUNNING the ball....In fact he got accalades from the d when they seen him take off....something not done before by least as far as the d was Lots of 'yukkin' it up on that revelation....Anyway.....message to Als....Watch out for something completely different :lol: :cowboy:

i think your dbs are going to be licking their lips this saturday. mcpherson looked good...against a defensive secondary that seems to be playing the prevent defense all game lol. im predicting at least 3 ints for the als this weekend. but that could be all for not if MB is going to jump on those oppertunities like he did against bc LOL. but im thinking he will rebound after that preformance. i pick the bombers to make the upset this weekend!

Actually, McPherson throws a very good deep ball, which hasn't been Calvillo's forte for a few years now. Adrian has a cannon arm and can flick that ball downfield. The drop-off is in his ability to read and react within a short span of time, particularly in the face of a quality defense like the Bombers who like to stunt and mix up coverage looks.

I hear if you want Good Bish to show you need to give him sugar squares and carrots.

Heaven forbid Bish should have 3 ints! However, if he did and they won the game, would it even matter? Lets say he has 3 tds and 3 ints and we win big, does it matter that he has 3 picks?

BTW I am glad to hear that Bishop may run, I can only assume that someone has told him to this point to not run?

...Looking more and more like McPherson is going to start for the Als. sat. ..According to tsn...AC didn't practice again...I would say they're resting him for bigger things :wink: Bishop will most likely be the seasoned vet. as far as qbs. go....I hope he brings his 'good stuff'...Some changes are Ryan in for Amey....... :roll:

im kind of dissapointed about taking amey out… bishop couldnt hit the broad side of a barn sunday the way he was throwing. every ball ameys way was at least 15 yards high and ahead of him.

No but he sure did a number on those billboards by the bleachers LOL

He has apparently been nursing a hamstring injury for a while so that probably has something to do with his not running.

Tonight is : "This is it" and not just for Michael Jackson but for Michael Kelly as well :rockin: well he's tomorow.

no you misunderstood me when i said 3 ints for the als i meant they would throw 3. not the other way around. i realize i worded that weird...well backwards i guess lol. but im expecting heffney to ruin mcphersons day tomorrow lol along with the rest of your secondary....and your putting ryan in...there was a reason we ditched him off the roster here in calgary lol...have fun with him...mind you saying that he'll prolly have a breakout game :lol: HAHA but doubtful just dont put him on the return game LOL

Actually I realized what you meant, I was just sort of asking the question out loud, does it really matter if Bishop throws a couple ints if Bombers hang on to win?

Kevins second consecutive game with over thee hundred yards and is now second in efficiency rating... Boy is this bomber fan ever miffed :x

smart move by the ticats to pick that guy up

by the way, i cant find a link anywhere to suggest he re-signed an new deal, unless he signed a 3+1... which is unusual...

could someone maybe provide a link?

McPherson said he understands his role and isn’t complaining. And he lauds Calvillo for mentoring him; the two watch film every morning. McPherson’s contract doesn’t expire until 2011, so he’s not going anywhere for a while.

the link machine, thanks