....quite frankly, i don't see a huge downside for the Als., if McPherson has to replace A.C this sat.......I am really impressed with the poise and abilities this guy has shown whenever he gets his shot on the field....I'm going to predict right now....that McPherson will be a starter for someone next year....IF the Als. don't corral this guy....I can see T.O. giving him 'longing glances' in the off-season...The Als better be prepared to 'sign and extend him' for something more lucrative or i think it's adios Montreal.......We do have one saving grace for the upcoming 'tussle' with the Als. sat. and that may be their reluctance to go all out with their other first-stringers....It'll be a good measure, in any case, to see how we fair compared to the Cats/Als. last game, with similar circumstances... It will be very interesting and we cannot expect a collapse at the Als. pivot spot ...that's a definite.. :wink:

Well papa all I can say is your guys have a shot against my guys.

The game means everything to you, and next to nothing for us, and you're at home.

Better hope your QB plays the way he did during the 3 game win streak, and doesn't lay another egg like he did last time out.

If he can do that, you've got a legitimate shot.

im pretty sure the bombers would give him a pretty hard look to pappa, unless Kelly is beyond moronic

just my prediction, take it however you want... but i believe either mcpherson, porter, or one of bcs 3 qbs will be in wpg next year

Adrian McPherson is signed with the Als through the 2011 season; unless the Als release him or trade him, he will be in Montreal for at least 2010 and 2011.


He might have meant by way of trade as opposed to F/A.

After all, if AC plans on playing a couple of more years, and if the brain trust is quite happy with Leak as the #2, they might be amenable to trading McPherson if a good offer is made. . .

McPherson would not be stupid enough to hook his wagon to ship Argo, at least I hope so for his sake. Now I do not even watch NFL, but I think of Eli Manning refusing to play for Sandiego Chargers. His family and people guiding him, just said, STAY AWAY FROM SD, unless you want to end up on the QB scrap heap. At that time the Chargers where in a bad way, much like Argos.

Not sure that many experts would advise him to go to Toronto, or for Winnipeg for that matter. McPherson should stay right where he is, that`s if he is smart! Like the man said he is under contract anyway.

.....REGARDING McPherson.....let's put it this way.....If the Als. were presented with a trade that meant ' top quality players' in return .it's a possibility he could be's all speculation .... :wink:

Well, papa, if you and I were the honchos in charge, if you offered me Hefney and Shabazz, I"d let you have McPherson and a drat pick or two. . .


......How about this kid Arthur and 2 pics.....Jabari is an ni with lots of upside ......Heffer and Sideeque have to stay put.... :wink: sorry...

Montreal doesn't need to trade anybody. They have the best scouting system in the CFL. And why would they ever help the Bombers by sending Kelly QB help?

Well Papa we're thin in terms of depth for non-import receivers, so I am interested in Arthur; but you haven't got any draft picks worth trading. . . so toss in someone else besides Arthur and maybe I'll do a deal here :smiley:

You two are cracking me up :smiley:

Two parking lot valets swapping Ferraris :wink:

If McPherson starts against Winnipeg, he is going to have a much tougher time than he did in Hamilton. Winnipeg's defensive backs are ball hawks and are probably going to pick him off once or twice by baiting him into making throws, then breaking on the ball. It will be important to get the running game established against the Bombers, as doing so will relieve some pressure on the QB to be perfect every drive.

As for Bishop, it all depends on who shows up. If it's Good Bish, my Als could be in for a long night, because when he's on, he can stretch the field like no other QB. If it's Arm-Punter Bish, though...:wink:

It`s my understanding that both of them will dress, it will be a game time decision as who should start :lol:

oh really? i thought he was a free agent... guess i was wrong :?

......SEEING AS WE ARE JUST A COUPLE OF 'VALETS' about Arthur and a used truck know we must have at least one decent pick lying around somewhere :lol:

Bombers could not stop Lulay from running all over them and unless they change things, they won't stop McPherson either.

I was speaking more about establishing Cobourne than having McPherson scramble, which isn't the best way to develop his ability to read defenses and make accurate throws from the pocket. How did the B.C. running backs fare against the Winnipeg front-seven last game? Did they have any success? I know Mallett was injured and forced to leave early...

…Actually Harris didn’t too bad, with the run game…Lobendahn pulled up lame (again) early and the Bombers weren’t at their ‘run stopping’ best…We needed Simpson in that one…I believe Barrin will be in for the Als. game… :wink: McPherson scares the hell out me due to the fact …not only can he run…he’s pretty accurate with his passess…short and long…We’re going to have our hands full ,trying not to make him look like an nfl starter… :?