Calvillo may start.

I know the sold out crowd will give Calvillo the welcome he deserves. By that of course I mean screaming "DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" as loud as possible as often as possible.

Although if he doesn't start or doesn't finish we can always let Maas or Brady have it too.

Can't wait. I love football season. It never gets old.

Last game was the loudest I have ever heard TF. Lets try to bypass that tomorrow

I'll be doing my part - you might hear me in the stands even though I'll be in my basement in eastern Qu├ębec!!

I'm confused.
You don't want us to be loud this week?


Arius always has the correct definitions down! Then again, since he should, after all he does have the highst word count/post ever lol

Good for you guys for selling out another game. Love watching games on TV when there are lots of people in the stands!

Do triple bypass!

Yeah, I love the atmosphere

Good thing home games for the Lions are blacked out then, I guess....

He seems to be making an effort to credit Riders fans for something and is not focusing on BC. While I have been critical of RLR for not doing that (at least the latter) enough, it would be hypocritical of me to not acknowledge when he does so. I know there is a history, but let's see if we can stop the cycle and acknowledge the effort. Anyways, I acknowledge it.

RLR, thanks, and I agree, it really is a different atmosphere, even in our living rooms, when a stadium has lots of people and energy. While differences in stadium and market sizes make "sell-out" a pretty fluid concept, I think if every market is increasing its attendance year after year to the point of selling out every game, whatever that level is, that is great progress and is great for the league!

Last week was INSANE in the stands and I plan on cheering just as loud or louder this week than last week. Stoked for the game.


Amen to that

Cavillo will need to be pin point accurate, quickly, for him to be an impact player in today's game!

I have not seen Montreal this inept since their days as the Concordes! Popp may have to relinquish his HC position, otherwise there could be a mutiny!

Popp is a good GM, he should concentrate on that. Marcel is a poor Offensive Coordinator, and Popp is a lousy coach, and it's very obvious to everyone.

Lions are second in the league in attendance, if you didn't already know that.