Calvillo Leads Als to Victory

I thought that AC was instramental in the Als victory over Winnipeg. He had good passing stats to several very good receivers. Coach Trestman must read these posts as he utilized Colbourne to advantage beginning early in the game. Colbourne is a triple threat- he blocks, runs and receives passes with competence. Let us hope that the coach continues to use this very competent fullback in future games. I believe the offensive line, despite injuries, were quite good. Calvillo had the blocking he needed and there was some good holes were there for Colbourne.

I have one concern about this game. I noted that on one occasion Bratton did not complete his pass pattern. Calvillo threw a long pass his way which would have been complete if Bratton had not slowed down [ actually stopped his running ] and was therefore not in position to receive what could have been a TD throw. I hope the coach notes this when he reviews this game. Actually I felt Bratton was improving but, his action on this play was terrible. All receivers should make effort to always complete their patterns! This might have been a game winner or loser!!!!

That was definitely Bratton's bad, but you can't really blame him for letting up as Calvillo hasn't shown any consistent ability to hit his receivers in stride on deep balls this season.

Bratton was later out of the game. . . anyone know the extent of his injury?

Herb is reporting it as turf toe and not that serious. I have yet to see anything spectacular out of Bratton on a regular basis, and I'd much rather have Desriveaux get some playing time at the fifth receiver spot so we have a good NI starter ready for when Cahoon eventually retires.