Calvillo headlines Players of the Week

Those honoured this week were:

Offensive: Anthony Cavillo
Defensive: Joe Lobendahn
Special Teams: Rene Paredes
Canadian: Jerome Messam

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No surprise that AC would be named offensive player of the week. Paredes is a little bit of a surprise since he only had 2 FG attempts.

In any other week, Fred Stamps would have been the offensive player, but you can't really argue with 400+ passing yards, 5 TDs, and tying an all-time record. :wink:

Lobendahn is full value for that award, he was a beast last week.

I would have to agree with Blue Blood, Calvillo was a slam dunk as was Messam and Lobendahn. It must have been a slow week for special team players, despite Paredes not putting up tremendous numbers I am at a loss to suggest anybody who did. The only player who stood out for me at all was Mike Miller of Edmonton, who seemed to be in on every special team play. At least this week I am left with the impression that the selectors watched all 4 games. Good picks.

I was at the Winnipeg game and hope Lobendahn was as impressive on TV as he was live, he had a monster game. I have to give props to the Winnipeg fans, my first game there and it was a truly pleasant experience.

AC a lock on this for sure. Man Edmonton looks good with that backfield.

Winnipeg is quite the happening place with the new stadium and return of the Jets.

...AC...a very deserving winner....the guy just keeps amazing me :thup: ...JoeLo....what can you say the guy was almost an outcast in the offseason..Joe has come to play :rockin: Paredes is definitely a player to watch...He showed very well at the Bomber tc. and if it weren't for the fact the Bombers were already solid with Palardy, he might have been in BluenGold :thup: ...As for Messam.....IN YOUR FACE WALLY :lol:

Not sure I agree if a guy kicks 2 FG he gets pow, The Esks Miller I thought would have been a better choice but oh well, at least their is hope for Duval to be named POW.

He did score 10 pts. in the win over B.C., I think he deserves the honour otherwise the Stamps would have lost that game.

...I know this will sound like pure homerism (doh!), but in Paredes defense the very first time he kicks in the league for a meaningful attempt it a FRICKIN 50 YARDER!!...and he nailed, he made a textbook tackle on the opening kickoff that might have prevented a Lion TD...I'm sure the award was given for guts alone....

I think they gave it to him for hitting the uprights on kick off 8)

Go Messam! Represent! :smiley:

Shocking no BC recievers made the list...


In a way, they could be eligible for defenders of the week.

No wait, hear me out!

They were the reason the Lions couldn't put up more than 2 fieldgoals in the first half. They were so bad, they didn't even need the other team's defenders!

That was Eddie Johnson who did that, not Paredes.

Or any from my TiCats. Bruce looked like he had frozen rocks for fingers. :o :wink:

This week's a different week though. :wink:

right. of course. :oops: