Calvillo gets the last laugh

Calvillo gets the last laugh in Steeltown,
passing McManus in yards

Canadian Press

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This is old news and it won't make any difference
to many people who make up their own opinions.

"Convince a man against his will,

He's of the same opinion still."

The story says A.C. gets the last laugh
NOT on Ron Lancaster for cutting him,

despite what so many people wish to believe.

but on the FANS who BOOED HIM OUT OF TOWN!!

Lancaster phoned A.C. when he became head coach

and Anthony told him he didn't want to return.

"The fans were down on him and he just said he wanted to get out of here," said Lancaster.
Who wouldn't with all the unmerciful booing he took?
Lancaster, wasn't surprised to see that Calvillo succeeded elsewhere.

"He didn't have a lot work with (in
Hamilton) from what I remember," he said.

"You learn something in good times
and you learn in the bad times.

I give him credit. He hung in there

and he got his career straightened out.


By the waning years of the Grant/Mc Donald era,
despite what so many people wish to believe,

many players left because ownership couldn't afford them
not because our G.M. or Head Coach didn't want them.

Several of those ex-Ticats have done well,
but, the fact is, they couldn't have been kept.

Last laugh? No such thing. He left and Danny won us two Eastern championships and a Grey Cup. Come to think of it AC never crossed my mind in a positive or negative way during those years. Now our team is down and he has hit a career milestone. I'm sure he's not thinking "serves those Hamiltonians right". Am I supposed to feel bad or angry or jealous that he passed Danny on the all time list? I don't understand the thinking here. So if AC is retired and done with when Hamilton wins the Grey Cup again, I guess that will be the last laugh. Players get released because they don't fit for some reason and they move on. So be it. That's football. I never noticed anyone carrying a grudge against AC. He moved on and so did we.

8) I could be wrong, but I don't even remember hearing any announcement made during the game last week when AC surppassed Danny Mac to become the 2nd all time leading passer in the CFL.
 That is a disgrace when such a monumental record is achieved, and shows a lack of class for the Hamilton organization , especially since AC is a former TiCat !!!!!!

Another case where the headline is more sensationalistic than the actually story.

When I read the headline, I thought "that poor man, having to carry this dehabilitating grudge around for 11 years before finally getting a chance for vindication :roll: ".

Turns out to be much less than that - he just knew that the RL/DMac tandem were rolling into town and he didn't have a hope of competing for the starter's job.

So he went to Montreal, backed up Tracey Ham for a few years instead, and eventually became a fine QB. Good on him.

AC was horrible in Hamilton.

Guaranteed at least 2 picks a game and at least 2 fumbles. Not to mention the endless amount of botched snaps from centre.

It was a good move at the time to unload him.I'm glad he's done well since his departure, but that doesn't change the fact that his trade to Montreal was a wise move at that point in time.

It wasn't a record, CFL policy is to announce records only, not milestones.

Ticats didn't do anything wrong regarding Calvill in 1998 or 2008

Of course, maybe at the time the offensive system that Calvillo played in wasn't the best suited for what he brought to the table at that time of his career?

Kinda true. He was mostly a bomber at that point in his career. With average mobility and a line that didn't provide the time he needed to launch, he spent a lot of time picking artificial grass from his face mask.

The monster O-line on Montreal allowed AC to become the QB he was capable of being.

System shmystem.

With the O-line A.C. had here
he might have had more luck

trying to deke out cars and trucks
on a 5 lane highway at rush hour

than he did escaping the pass rush.

I know that I personally got a "last laugh". :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember 10-12 years ago posting online in a Tiger-Cats forum. I claimed that AC would be one of the most successful quarterbacks in the CFL, somewhere between a Dunnigan and a Flutie. And I remember everyone laughing at me. Well who's laughing now?? :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems to me that they announced it when he passed 50,000 yards

Great stats, nice guy but for all that protection and great receivers he had shouldn't he have more than just one GC ring?

If he'd stayed here another year, the only thing he'd have in common with Dunnigan would be a career-ending concussion.

McManus had the poise to work with what was here, Calillo at that time didn't.

Even Popp said he had NO IDEA Calvillo would become an HOF Quarterback. Everything he accomplished was hard work... Not the best arm, not the best feet but there probably hasn't been a QB in this league who could read a defense like him.

well, he may have the yards because of longevity, but he still nowhere near the same league as either Flutie or Dunnigan. I like him. Glad things went better for him in Montreal, but he is still no Dunnigan, let alone Flutie. One can only wonder what Matts final career stats would have been if his career was not cut short, sigh

You claim AC has the yards because of longevity and Dunnigans career was cut short!
Lets have a look
43857 yards 55% completion rate
306 TD 211 ints 1.45 td/int(1.45 TD for evey interception) 3.8% int/att(3.8% of pass attempts were intercepted)

53050 yards 61% completion rate
285 TD 171 Int. 1.60 td/int(1.6 TD for every interception) 2.7% ints/att(2.7% of pass attempts were intercepted)

Here is the kicker.
Dunnigan played 14 seasons(1983-1996)
Calvillo played 14 seasons and 1 game (1994-present)

Longevity is not an issue here.
10,000 more yards in the same amount of time.

You could say that Dunnigan is no Calvillo

Wow!! Pretty hard to choose between those two. AC and Dunigan are/will be HOFers. But I recall something Pinball said a couple of weeks ago on the FAN590 when asked who was the better QB, Flutie or Dunigan since he played with both. He took Flutie by a very slim margin basically because Flutie could find a way to win. But he said Dunigan could win through leadership and he used this example. Most guys would say 'get on my back--we're going through that brick wall' but Dunigan was the kind of guy who would go through the brick wall and then say, 'follow me boys'. Pinball also said that Dunigan is the only QB who could still win when injured; that most guys disappear when they're hurt.

As for a comparison of AC and Dunigan, it'd be very close but if both were in their prime, I'd give the nod to MD.

An Argo-Cat fan

Nice job RO...

Both are among the very best QBs of all time.

But you should probably throw in:
Dunigan - 850 rushes for 5,031 yards, 77 TDs
Calvillo - 567 rushes for 2,881 yards, 27 TDs

Oh, and 2 Grey Cup rings for Matt to AC's 1 (so far at least). 8)

wow. Didnt realize MD played that long, and thought AC played more. On paper, AC does look better, but I would still take MD anyday.

I wonder, could you also find life time effeciency rating numbers??