Calvillo for Maas?

Just thought I'd be 1st to start this one.

Not a chance.

Anthony Calvillo was run out of town the last time he was in a Cats uniform.

Unless the Jesse Palmer Revue is taking over anytime soon, why would the Als even dream of this?

Jason Maas? Short of him rebounding from his mediocre 2006 campaign, there is no other team except Edmonton in a wistfully nostalgic moment that would move for him now, IMHO.

Such a move would not entail a starting QB in return.

Unless there is a groundswell somewhere to land a backup QB for Maas, that's all folks...

Oski Wee Wee,

A suggestion most befitting your HANDLE.


Calvillo and the CBC people said during the GC game what a great move he made getting out of Ham so I dont think hes coming back.

I think Calvillo would retire first.

An Argo fan

Im really gonna be interested in how Calvillo makes out if Cahoon does leave for Calgary . He lost Copeland and it showed and now hell lose Cahoon and hell know how Danny MAC and Maas felt not having the big guns he had in other seasons !!!!!

actually... Cahoon signed and it was announced yesterday....

And that`s why that team always wins !!!!!

Maas's shoulder and other various injuries will more than likely heal over in the off-season. He has proven that he can be an elite quarterback if in the right system, and has talented receivers and an offensive line.

You can't just go from passing for over 5000 yards in 2004, coming in and winning two playoff games in 2005, to playing horribly in 2006.

All of the blame cannot be place on Maas. Give him a receiver like Tucker, Cahoon, or Simon, and he'll have much more success.

Great post esks ,it`s been years since we had any real recievers who could start on other teams in the CFL and be a star ,ask Danny Mac !!!!!

of course even Kevin Glenn looked good when Milt Stegall was pullin plays out of his ass for the bombers this year.

I kinda look at it this way.How many grey cups has each one been in?Yes Calvillo is better then Maas but the stuburn brass from Hamilton will never see that!By the why coaching made Calvillo not succed here the first time people!

A not so good for what ever reasons, "O" Line ,is the reason Calvillo was down on his confidence here.

Perhaps that can be attributed to coaching and the GM not going out and getting better linemen or more of them to replace injured players etc. :cowboy:

Now the rumours are Calvillo to Winnipeg for Glenn.

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I would like to have Toni back, I didn't like it when they cut him and always felt they should have kept him as Danny's back up for a couple of years then had him take over.

The main problem with A.C right now is his play calling, teams have figured out how he calls a game, with a great o.c he will get back to his old self.

If Charley is here .. He worked with AC in 99 and 2000 . So I won't rule it out..

The Cats get laughed at for running AC out of town but, to be fair, when he was here he wasn't the same QB he became three or four years later. In those years, he was all arm and no poise. Sure, he didn't have much to work with, but McManus had the same core and led them to the Cup a few times.

AC is still a better than average QB but, with injuries and age, appears to be in a pretty steep decline, so I wouldn't be making that trade.

Maas has unknown potential. Injuries were a factor last year, and so was the playbook and beat-up line, but the commments Lancaster made a few times about JM's injuries being something that will prevent him from ever playing at 100% again are a bit worrisome.

Both of these teams might be advised to look for another starting QB by the 2008 season.

Argos did not pick up Damon Allen's option. It looks like they'll take Allen back only if he agrees to less money for 2007. He made $250k in 2006. MVP just 1 year ago--would he be an upgrade on Maas?

An Argo fan

A QB tandem of Allen and Maas would work out somewhat, IMO. Both are prone to injure and probably shouldn't be starting a full season.

Wherever Allen ends up(if he does end up somewhere), he'll be taking a huge pay cut from 250K and will most likely be in a back-up role.