Calvillo et Cahoon

Moi je dis ke c Calvillo pis cahonn i torche trop ensemble pis sa fais 9 ans ki joue ensemble fack

Nous, on dit: ferme la bouche idiot!

You might consider taking your voulgar trash somewhere else. I am sure you would be welcomed to express yourself in either language but you should exercise more civillity in you writing. Merci.

Wow! Un message ni écrit en français, ni écrit en anglais.

Allez, "safety47", tu pourrais te forcer un peu plus lorsque tu emplois la langue de Molière.

Si on veut assimiler ce forum, faisons le avec classe.

En attendant, vive les moineaux!!!

Hey "Le Bird",

Safety47 actually wasn't vulgar in his post. "Torche" is not vulgar, and "fack" is in reality a local expression used to replace "donc" or "alors".

Don't make false accusations, puny mortal. :twisted:

Ici, on se torche le c*l.

Now you’re just playing dumb.

“ils torchent”, like “ils clanchent”, “ils dégomment”, “ils ramassent”. Chevrolet actually uses “ça torche” in it’s latest HHR commercial on french TV.

Are you supposed to be a francophone or are you just posing as one?

Cei le vee

Au Revoir!

Pokeys is right, let's get back to football.


Well, this ain't English. And it certainly isn't any French dialect that I'm familiar with, as far as I can see...unless your Belgian?

Naw, tu est simplement un con. :thdn:

You just went a bit too far there Eski-Moses. You should edit that and remove the personal insult.

Ya... "y torchent" is some kind of slang for "they are unstoppable". It wasn't vulgar. However, it was very badly written and should have been in the French forum (although it wasn't really French either).

Regardless if it was written in "joual" or an attempt for mimick KK butchering Canada's other official language, I agree with 3/10 as it should have started in the LCF forum.

Personally, I'd merge the forums. There are just not enough people posting on the French forum, and I, as a francophone, am also guilty of not posting out there.

Why am I not posting there... because there are not enough people.

And most of them are Als fans. And it's no use talking about how the other teams s//ck between Als fans. We already know they s//ck, we need to spread the news to the other provinces. :cowboy:

At least I actually TRY to talk in English and French, not so much the first one as the second.

How did I go too far? Are you Belgian?

lol ouin faudrait bein qu'on commencent a parler dans le forum francais mais de quoi... ya déjà comme deux topics qui parlent de la facon que Cahoon pi Calvillo nik tout le monde... ah non laisse faire mo rester dans les forums anglais pi a parler des cantons dans la saskatchewan lol!

Aaarrrrrggg. You just gave me a scary vision.... KK butchering both official languages! :x :x :x

Too late.

kosséssa, cétarien nicomprendre.

Ceci est un forum, pas un chat-room...