Calvillo de retour dans quelques semaines?

Jim Popp a affirmé à La Paresse (abreuvez-vous!) que Calvillo pourrait être de retour au jeu dans quelques semaines.

Je ne sais pas si on doit prendre ça comme une bonne nouvelle, mais pour ma part, je vois ça d'un bon oeil.

Il demeure que si Denis Waner veut se faire un nom, il doit profiter de cette occasion avant que la fenêtre se referme.

Par contre, je ne sais pas de qui je suis le plus déçu : Messam ou Speckman? Notre jeu au sol est paralytique sans Whitaker.

Well, if Calvillo returns, it at least gives us options at the QB position. That said, Neiswander didn't play badly last game and we still lost because of special teams.

Not that impressed. Even if he does return sooner than expected, the question remains whether or not he can play again at an elite level. The first few games of the season, despite the fact the Als were under a "new system", doesn't account for passes that were waaaay off mark, staying in the pocket too long, overthrowing intended targets...

AC is a consummate professional and the fundamentals of the game, even under a new system, don't change. Let's face it - he just wasn't on his game. The performance of the two backups was to be expected. How can you expect either or both QBs to perform at an elite level with little or no game experience?

I consider this season essentially a write-off. The off-season will be pregnant with activity. Will AC, as he as evidently stated, return for another season? If he does, will he be able to regain his old form? Will we have a good HC, OC, DC, and ST coordinator? Will the players lost for the season be able to return and play at an elite level again, or in their absence will Popp be able to find great substitutes?

The Als may find a way to eke out a few Ws here and there, but the die may already be cast. If they do make it into the post-season, I don't see them capable of going very far. I hope I'm wrong and that they can make a fairy-tale end, but it just doesn't seem to be in the cards.

At this point, it's gone beyond any one player on the field, or even a unit of play. Wining is contagious, but so is losing, and now, at 4-8, with the way we've p!ssed away games this season, it's clear that nobody has any confidence in the team's ability to win. So every week, we find a wonderful new way to self-destruct. Missed blocks, penalties, fumbles, interceptions, burned on trick plays, poor punting, sloppy tackling, blocked converts, questionable playcalling -- and just general incompetence at the worst possible times. Injuries have played a part, for sure, but good teams find a way to win even with injuries (look at Toronto winning without Ray, look at us winning the division last year despite a multitude of crippling injuries on offense).

The players may say the right things, but mentally they're beaten, and the coaches too. This is a defeated team from the first snap to the last. So really, even if Calvillo came back on top of his game, I doubt it would make a difference. Like I said, we actually got good production from Neiswander last game (effective ball control, a few TDs, 0 turnovers) and we still lost.

I'll follow the team to the end, but in my heart I believe the season's over. Maybe we'll win 1-2 more games in garbage time facing teams resting starters and planning for the playoffs, but that's it. This is the kind of nightmare season we haven't had since Rod Rust left in 2001. It was bound to happen. To me, the question now isn't whether we can salvage the season -- we can't -- but how we respond in the offseason: what changes we make to coaches and players, etc.

I am taking this a non news. There is no way Jim can know when Calvillo will return when he hasn't been given a green light by his doctor. He could also suffer symptoms the minute he starts practicing again. Then there is the fact that he's been completely inactive for over a month at 41 that means he's not in game shape for a few weeks.

What you write is often the case. But I watched the team practice, the warm up. Looked at coach interaction on the field during those as well as player's demeanor and this is far from a beaten team or staff. They've given up leads and generally outplayed Saskatchewan , Toronto, Hamilton and Calgary and came up with four loss. If you take away the stupid turnovers by Devine and Carrier and you put a punter in these four games the Als would be 8-4 in spite of everything. I'm not saying this team is Grey Cup bound but if they brought in a kicker and stop turning the ball over they can start winning games against just about anybody.

That's good to know. I'm only judging based on what I see on the field. But a team with a winning attitude doesn't consistently self-destruct the way we've done all year. It's not been just the kicking game; it's been everything at one time or another.

If you take away the stupid turnovers by Devine and Carrier and you put a punter in these four games the Als would be 8-4 in spite of everything. I'm not saying this team is Grey Cup bound but if they brought in a kicker and stop turning the ball over they can start winning games against just about anybody.
But how much must it sap your morale, as a player, to see Pippin doing his impersonation of a punter game after game with no consequences? To see Carrier or Devine fumble the ball and swing field position against you at the worst possible time? You're a guy like Chip Cox or John Bowman or even a lunchpail guy like Brodeur-Jourdain. You're busting your nut to get results, but Pippin gets a free pass to suck game after game after game with no consequences. How long before you start to question the judgment of the head coach/GM? How long before you give up yourself?

Unless Smith or Neiswander impress well in the next few games, it can't hurt to have the much more experienced Calvillo at the helm near season's end and playoffs if he is indeed fully healthy and in shape.

That being said, 2013 should be his swan song, regardless of post season success/failure and come back in a capacity as a QB coach or consultant with the Als next season.

Je ne crois pas que Calvillo soit intéressé à une carrière d'entraîneur à quelque titre que ce soit. Du moins, pas maintenant.

Tous les grands athlètes ne sont pas de bons entraîneurs.

I don't think he's planning to retire at all. He's all about HIS family so I can see him hanging on to that paycheck till they kick him out.

Can't blame him for that. It's on Popp to cut the cord and move on.

He could be back this season but, if he is back, I don't expect it before October 14,2013. The Als playoffs situation,at this time, may dictate if he's back or not. Before that game, Calvillo will have been out for 6 games and he won't return.provided he is 100%, unless the Als have a mathematical chance to be in the playoffs.

At this time, my number 1 priority/hope is a new kicker or,at least, a new punter. I do agree with HfxTC that the Als would have won the game,against Hamilton, with a new kicker. Yes, Carrier's fumble did result in a Hamilton TD, but Sean Whyte punting and kickoffs,or lack of it, was the main factor for this loss.Hamilton dressed a new kicker and he was one of the main reason why they won. He was just named Special Teams Player of the week.

I wrote it before, but if Jim Popp does not bring a new kicker/punter for next game, he does not care or does not want the Als to win.


Or does not want to admit he blew a 1st round choice on Whyte.

I agree.

And that kid was available. He went undrafted. Als could have signed him for a rookie contract. He's been working at his craft since he was a kid. Went down to the States regularly to participate in camps specific to kickers... Instead they signed a guy out of Sherbrooke who had no chance of making the team.

vrai, bien que Calvillo semblent très bien prospérer sous la tutelle de Tracy Ham, et je suis certain Calvillo pourrait donner un peu de son expérience / sagesse à un autre jeune arriviste qui est prêt à apprendre.

qui est, si ca veut tuteur dans une certaine mesure avec l'équipe.

Il peut être difficile pour lui d'accepter ce rôle initialement bien se trouver satisfaction par la suite quand un protoge brille.

Problem is so far. I have seen NOTHING from Calvillo that he is interested in mentoring young Quarterbacks. He's had multiple chances. Even the commentators suggested he threw a fit when Smith was brought onboard and the dynamics being reported is that Calvillo and Smith don't even look or speak to each other at practice. If you look at the offense the one Jim Popp calls "our offense" it is still geared to Calvillo. What I saw this weekend was the exact same thing. short passing game with suicide passes to receivers in traffic on timed routes. Unimaginative hand off to the RB once in a while. Take shot downfield once a quarter or so. So everything is built around Calvillo even if he's on the nine game and the coaching staff is not ALLOWED to disrupt ANYTHING. I am going to wait to see what happens in the off season but things have to change. Or they will lose their fan base quickly starting this off season.

Pretty strong words that merit naming the commentators and/or the specific sources.

Marchand and Heppell on CKAC audio highlights. What they basically said is the two young guys are all over Calvillo for advice while Smith is on his own.

Myself I believe it. AC knows Smith has been brought in to take his job.

Sorry, I dont buy it. Its pure speculation. Smith was signed Aug. 14 and Calvillo was concussed Aug. 17 in the Sask. game and hasn`t been around the team.