Calvillo de retour à l'entraînement

Calvillo a recommencé à pratiquer avec l'équipe.

Le scénario de le revoir avant la fin de la saison est de plus en plus plauible. Si Smith veut finir la saison aux commandes de l'attaque, il va devoir être très performant contre les Timinous.

Should be good motivation for Smith to show what he can do. I hope he impresses enough that the coaches have no choice but to keep playing him...

C'est exactement ce que j'espère du successeur de Calvillo. Je veux voir un gars qui va venir prendre le poste parce qu'il est résolument meilleur pour diriger l'attaque que le gars qu'il remplace. C'est ce que nous n'avons pas vu avec McPherson et c'est ce que nous n'avons pas vu avec Marsh ni Neisdawner non plus.

I like parts of what I've seen from Smith so far. He's obviously a work in progress, but he's older and clearly less nervous in the pocket than either Neiswander or Marsh. The arm strength is refreshing too. But as you say, it's up to Smith to grab the reins here and make his case to be the man going forward.

Let's just hope they give him a few games. Anything less is a joke.

Hey if Smith doesn`t work out we still have our hidden secret weapon of mass destruction.......Alex Brink :rockin:

Herb reporting that Jim Popp has said Calvillo has suffered a setback and will not return to the field this season.

Not the way you want to see a great career come to an end.

First and foremost let`s hope he gets healthy on a personal level.

Well, that makes the QB situation clearer. We sink or swim with Troy Smith from now until whenever our season ends...

J'espère qu'il se rétablira complètement et qu'il pourra recouvrer la sérénité nécessaire pour passer à autre chose, si tel est son désir.

Mais s'il veut encore faire du football, j'aimerais autant que ce soit avec les Alouettes, dans un rôle plus secondaire.

Si Calvillo veut revenir une saison de plus comme substitut, je n'aurais rien contre. Mais s'il veut un poste de partant, il devra le gagner haut la main. L'équipe doit établir un nouveau quart pour l'avenir. D'une certaine façon, si Smith montre qu'il peut être un partant dans cette ligue, ça facilitera la tâche de Calvillo d'accrocher ses crampons. Il n'aura pas l'impression d'avoir abandonné l'équipe.

Probablement la fin de carrière pour Anthony.

Bonne chance à lui et sa famille.


Ça sonne comme ça, mais en même temps, ça sonne comme s'il ne veut pas encore fermer la porte.

J'ai l'impression qu'il se réserve la décision pour lorsqu'il sera remis complètement. D'une certaine façon, je le comprends. Ce n'est pas lorsqu'il souffre encore de ces symptômes que c'est le meilleur temps pour prendre cette décision.

.....All things considered, why would he come back....Retirement looks pretty good to him right now and I would say he's done...Great qb. in his time but it is TIME. Good luck to him and his family as well. :thup:

Nice post Papa as always :thup: :thup:

Should this be Anthony Calvillo's final season as a CFL pro ball player there will be huge hole in the hearts of most CFL fans. He was one of my favorite QBs and it was always a joy to watch this guy play. Anthony Calvillo is a guy who always gives his best and always tries to see the best in others. He is a great family guy and has always walked the walk. I for one will miss seeing this guy!

I think he really wanted to get to 80k passing yards.. if the number is that important to him might come back as a sub for 1yr and get his missing 200 yds that way. It's also a good transition to QB coach, if that's the direction he wants to go in the future.

If the 80k isn't important to him, then forget the sub role... just go right into coaching.

He's not interested in coaching. The first thing I am expecting from AC when he retires is a book. The only way I can see him coaching is if he misses the game at some point down the road. My greatest wish would be to have TSN replace Rod Black with AC.

As I wrote before, If Anthony does retire he will become the Als ambassador, as Jean Beliveau,Guy Lafleur are/were for Les Canadiens. It may not be the exact title, but he will work for/with Mr.Wetenhall.


Last off-season I believe it was Rick Moffat who reported Calvillo was discussing his after football life with Mr. Wetenhall. He was looking to be an Alouette ambassador in the minor football community.

But what exactly would he do? And how much is a position like that worth? The Alouettes are not the Canadiens and Calvillo is not bilingual. The Als have Dalla Riva, Heppell, and Lapointe as ambassadors and Im guessing they dont get more than $5000-$10,000 for their roles as supplementary income to their day jobs.

So if Calvillo has bills to pay he will have to get into coaching or media.

I agree with sheldon. The Als aren’t the Canadiens. Being an ambassador for the Als isn’t going to pay the bills for Anthony. He might not realize it, but coaching or media work is something he’ll have to consider, if only to make a decent income after his playing career ends. I’d love to see him end up on TSN as a play-by-play man or colour commentator.

Maybe Wettenhal is willing to pay him decent money to be an ambassador; attract some corporate sponsors, help sell out McGill for games.