calvillo caught me off guard

Iunno how many people caught it. but i was watching the rerun of the awards ceremony and after calvillo had one and they were talking to him. He had made mention that he thought the "cfl family was a load of bs." until his wifes illness last season and the support he got. now i respect the fact he went to be with his family and respected the support he got from his teammates. but it kinda bothered me being he has been a player in this league for many years that many players and fans have had alot of respect for him. and i just was kinda caught when he said he never believed in the family known as the cfl. it is so deeply routed in it s fans and i just don;t know how a guy culd play here for so long and not see it until he needed.

Didnt hamilton fans kinda run him out of town??

Pretty much, but he was not the QB then that he is today

but that would partially explain his not feeling like CFL was such a family

Im now swicthing to CALGARY go Stamps.

I can't believe he was holding those feelings since he was in Hamilton....I mean that was over a decade ago. I suspect those feelings are more along the line of most elite atheletes in larger centres, they don't relate to fans and don't interact with them, so it is harder to build this sense of family.

well, I have been holding onto anti quebec feelings because of bad experience there one time in mid 70's