Calvillo-Carter and Rodriquez injured. and a few suspended

Calvillo (mollet-) expected on field tomorrow...Carter and Rodriquez missed practice ...
Seven players absent and suspended
Kerry Watkins .Jermaine McElveen-Kitwana Jones, Jervonte Jackson, Chima Ihekwoaba, Michael Griffin et Buster Davis.

as per RDS

I'm taking a few of these suspention wih a grain of salt.. (Kerry Watkins).
14 receivers in camp ..remains me of when ED Phillion was missing a few days from camp way back them ..usually related to numbers ect !!!
my 2 cents

Maybe we could take these suspensions with a "grain of salt' but,if it does last for few more days,there will be a reason.

Watkins. Was he already asked to take a pay cut?
McElveen. Maybe he wants an increase in line with was what given to some of his defensive teammates.
Davis. Question mark for me,when we signed him.One of the best LB coming out of US colleges in 2007; drafted in round 3 by Arizona. Did not last until end of training camp. Tried with a few NFL teams,since, but never made it. Personal reasons?

We will see what happen in the next days.


as per Radio Canada

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Marc Trestman: McElveen is kept away because a virus in is Familly
POPP; Not worried about Watkins we spoke a few days ago he will report eventually
Marc Trestman Watkins weakened by a nasal issue...............

Darn RDS (le réseau du Hockey) so brutal with All's coverage :smiley:

According to Radio Canada website Watkins has nasal problem and McElveen a virus. Nothing to worry about in either case.

Barring injury Watkins will be in the season opening lineup. If there had been any contract issues they would have been dealt with in the off-season.

As for the others suspended, the Als are put through a conditioning test and they might not have passed it. They will have to go through it again.

Thanks for clearing up the Watkins issue. Hopefully this will put Richard a little more at ease.

Cant believe Im doing this, but this is what happens when the team doesn`t post a proper roster! You have to get into CIS mode!

There is photo on RDS website of #34 Dutch at today`s camp.

Some googling shows that it might be CB Doug Dutch, who was on the Redskins practice roster last year.

Time to head out to a movie!

According to Radio-Canada-article posted at the beginning,with other details-Jervonte Jackson and Buster Davis won't come to camp; furthermore, Alan-Michael Cash-signing announced on May 26- has been released.


the new rules of a CFL team in TC!!