Calvillo Cahoon and Flory should take home the hardware...

At 36 Calvillo had the best season in his career. Except for the most yards thrown he was 1st in td's with 43 and interceptions with 13. As for Cahoon, well Anthony wouldn't be in this position if it wasn't for his spectacular catches and his extra yards after the catches. If Ray was in the same position as Anthony, Peterson would of won im sure. And finally the Alouettes allowed the least sacks in the league and Flory was a big part of Anthony having a great year that's why I think he should win.


To an extent I agree.........I think Calvillo and Flory will win, but I'll predict that Peterson edges out Cahoon. Not based on stats or anything, just that Cahoon was his usual brilliant self, whereas Peterson really had a breakout year. I think the voters will give it to him on that basis (not that I would, mind you, but I think the voters will).

Ok I got 2 out 3! Cahoon was robbed lol! Anyway this is even more of a reason for Calvillo to be pumped for Sunday. Scott Flory finally got what he deserved...good job boys!