Calvillo as receivers coach

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Nice little piece on AC's transition to coaching. He readily admits that he's learning a lot about receiver assignments on the job.

[i]Learning about playing a different position is challenging even if you consider the relationship between a pivot and receiver to be a close one. Calvillo is learning to appreciate the intricacies of each part of the football team.

“Each position is unique. For me as a quarterback when I played, I knew where everybody had to be, period, but I didn’t know how they had to run their routes, what were their splits, I didn’t know all that.

“As a receivers coach, I have to make sure I know their splits, their depth and their routes, their adjustments on splits, all the different formations. It’s a different challenge because you have so many plays in your head.?[/i]

After reading the AC piece, I found this guide to route trees, which was informative: ... route-tree

Jonathan Bryant n'a pas tari d'éloges à propos de Calvillo dans un article que j'ai lu récemment. Je ne me rappelle plus lequel exactement, mais il disait qu'avec lui, les joueurs comprennent beaucoup mieux ce à quoi que le quart s'attend et voient plus l'importance des détails dans la façon de courir les tracés.

It's probably why a lot of former QBs break in at receiver coach. It's a demanding position but it helps the receiver to work with someone who was a former QB. Marcus Brady went that route, and so did Schonert.

Hey, just a thought: in a year or two, why not poach Brady from Toronto to be our head coach? :smiley:

Le même point de vue de Giguère.