Calvillo a cry baby, or a fool...

AC might have some reason to want his team to improve. Now let's just see who they beat. First game, a team which was 5-13 last year and in the first game of a rebuilding program. The next two games were against another team that was also 5-13 and rebuilding. Now barely getting by these guys would not give anyone a great deal of confidence. Let's see what will happen when they play other teams. This is not taking anything from Montreal. They have a very good team.

How anyone could look at the Als' loaded roster (O-line, receivers, running back, pivot) and say Thurday night's performance is as good as that offence will get is beyond me.

Poor throws, dropped balls, fumbles, 1001 penalties--it would be hard for any team NOT to improve. In fact, it would take a superhuman effort to maintain that level of incompetence!

The Als have way too much talent to play like they have offensively 9 out of the last 12 quarters, and Calvillo's only stating the obvious. Trust me, if Montreal keeps winning these ugly games, when they get on-track offensively, they'll steamroll opponents.

Sure the team might not be playing as well as they can offensively, but no one knows for certain. And I don't think Calvillo needs to go announcing to the media that his offence is playing poor, after winning 3 games. How about your offence proves that it can play good for a game or two and then you can go talk about how you weren't clicking earlier on? Because he'll look like a real idiot if his offences continues to struggle the rest of the season(I'm not saying it will!).

well they are not playing well and I have no problem with him saying it.

He did say the offence was not playing well and he included himself. Had he been pointing fingers at specific players it would be another matter

"We're not moving the ball as good as we would like, but we put the points up on the board when we absolutely need too"

That's what he said. What's so bad about that? They can do a whole lot better, especially AC. He was the passing leader 2 years in a row, I think he definately can play better than 195 yards passing.

As for the late hits, after the first week, he said he doesn't think that people are going to hurt him. But after 2 straight weeks of the opposition being fined for cheap shots, he's gotta feel like a target.

But anyways, this topic would have never came up if the Als weren't the only undefeated team...