Calvillo a cry baby, or a fool...

"We were inconsistent offensively, we have to play better," quarterback Anthony Calvillo said. "We have to start playing at the same level as our defence." (Quoted from Winnipeg Sun)

This is two games in a row that Montreal Qb AC has stated that the O is not clicking. Both games were win's. Why can't the guy be happy the team won instead of this phony bull about how the O should be much better. Face it AC, that is as good as it's going to get, now shut up and be happy to be undefeated.

Then he also went off on a rant about late hits and how he feels he has been a target. What the hell does AC think. Does he think that he should not be touched. I think he should look around his locker room at cheap shot artists like Ed Philion, before poor, poor AC starts cring.
For gods sake AC. Your the only undefeated team. If you think your O should do better, it all starts at QB, loser....

Undefeated yet a loser!
Funny how he says he is not happy with the offence and he is a whinner! If he says they have a great O then he will be told they dont!

Cant win either way

i agree to a point with your post...he should stop whinning espcially with ed phillion ur team.

and yah. your offence is as good as it will get

but hey if tht offence wins yah games then keep it the same

Why should he not expect more out of his offence? Does being undefeated mean they should become complacent and try to stay at the same level? As a professional football player (and anyone who works) striving to get better (no matter what the past results are) always has to be the goal.

As for the late hits, A.C. has gotten his share this year. Yes he should be expected to get hit, but there are times in a football game when it is unnecessary and warrants flags and fines (such as Belli got this year).

you dont seee ricky or dave whinning about late hits...only anothony

Rickey is to busy whinning about being in last place!!!!!!

LOL oh yah lol....but realy all calvillo does is whine his ass off...

And win all the games this year!

I know it is impossible for your tiny brain to comprehend but he has had more than his fair share of late hits this year!!!

I guess when you are the best QB in the league you become a target!

I just feel that AC is making excusses for not blowing out teams. He is in for a long year with the attitude that he is untouchable. I agree that all teams continue to try and get better, but to give the Idea that the only reason the Tabbies came close was because the Al's offence is not playing close to their level is sickning. I realize the Al's payroll is one of the highest in the league, but cry if your 0-4, don't cry when you have the best record in the league.
Don't worry AC. You got lots of time to think of reasons and excusses on why you lose next week.

yah and the best qb should show he is not throw for 180 yards...but hey if u ruffle his feathers he turns into a girl..i guess when your playing in quebec you take on the people your playing for

I don't think he was crying, he was just stating that the Allouttes offence can improve and get better. I see no problem with a quarteback thinking this no matter what his team's record is. It's still a long season and Montreal still has some tough teams they haven't played and tough ones they beat (Winnipeg) to play and if their offence continues to play like they did yesterday in the first half they won't be undefeated for long.

As for late hits, yeah they happen but I believe he's had 6 in 3 games, a number that seems quite high to me.

Oh please
excuses for not blowing out teams

I guess its better to throw for 400 yards and lose and be in last place like ray

There is nothing wrong with Calvillo saying that his team can be even better on offence. A sign of a good team is that they keep looking to get better. Maybe thats why the Esks are in last in the division, they are satisified with Ray numbers, even though he cant seem to put the ball in end zone.

I respect AC for the most part and would like to defend him, but as we saw when he was in Hamilton, he can be a bit of both. Then again, so can many of us.

In any case, I see nothing wrong with what he is saying here.

It's all good, they do need to improve.. it doesn't matter that they're undefeated, because everyone else will improve. If the Als don't, then they'll be this year's BC Lions.. a great start.. and then nothing. AC's been around a long time, he knows that. He also knows that by complaining about late hits all the time he's going to influence the refs to call them more often, which can only work for him. It's the same as a goalie in hockey complaining about getting run all the time, the refs start to watch and see if he's telling the truth, and then when it happens they don't miss the call.
This is just a veteran showing some veteran savvy to improve his team's chances in the long run.. nothing wrong with that.

Did you guys even SEE the game?

Geez, it's pretty obvious that AC is COMPLETELY right.
Belli is an jerk. He can act like he likes the Al lineman but he had 2 late hits on AC last night and one of them was pretty bad.
The OLine is letting in a rush, but the receivers aren't catching. Calvillo waas also very off target last night.
Just cause the Als got lucky to win last night doesn't mean they can't talk about what went wrong.

I would have said a cry baby for the late hit comments, but then again they have all been called penalties and given his offense 15 yards....and given his passing numbers so far (brutal)it may make the opposition let up on him and not take the penalty....hmmm tough call....

Belli and Walls got fined for late hits vs Calvillo because they were deserved.

And judging by last nite's game, Als offence isn't clicking on all cylinders. They were asleep at the switch for most of Wpg game and almost lost it.

So when a reporter comes up to him and asks him about the game, a game that he did not play well, and he should say “we won and thats all that matters”? Or should he say “we won but I did not play well and we are capable of playing better”. He is not making excuses he accepts full responsibility for hte struggles of the offense and if he didnt admit it that would be making excuses or if he denied it all together which would both be much worse.

As for the late hits he HAS taken more than his fair share of late hits. Most of the time they get called but theres a reason that I can think of at least five times the als were the beneficiaries of roughing the passer calls in just 3 games. that seems significantly higher than in years past so how owuld you expect him to feel?