Calvillo 3.0

AC told Miguel Bujold of LaPresse that he plans on coming back pending a discussion with Alexia. Also he plans to sit down with management and see how the team can integrate Adrian as to ensure a proper transition for the club.

This IMO is great news for everyone. It will take some weight off his shoulders and let him enjoy the game, it will extend his carreer and allow him to help Adrian ensure he's successful as a starter, something Adrian deserves. Great news for us fans.

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What fantastic news for all of us. :thup: :thup:

I can imagine a future game when the Als will struggle with the task of adjusting to a new QB and, desperately need some big yards quick. I can visualize Calvillo coming in and-’ zip there is a great 25 yard gain and, zap there is the needed touchdown". He’s done this so many times and I would bet he will replicate this in future.

The concussion really seems to have made Calvillo aware that quality of life after football is at least as important as what he does on the field. And at this stage in his career, he has nothing left to prove to anyone ... except showing that he can a good mentor to Adrian, as Ham was to him, and ease us into a new QB era. He's got the stats, the all-time passing yardage, the MOP awards, and the Grey Cup rings. Now it's a different challenge: to help McPherson be the quarterback we all hope he can be.

Could Calvillo not attain a position with the Als in a front office position, quarterback coach or even as PR rep for the team?

I think AC will be welcome to stay with the organization for as long as he wishes. He's never mentionned what he would like to do after football and I don't think any reporter has ever asked.

AC as always is pure class. Calvillo knows he's in his twilight, and instead of turning into a Palooka like Farve did he's going to work to bring up the next epic QB.

Sounds very encouraging indeed
It would seem...under all the goop...that Calvillo is quickly coming to terms with several realities:

  1. That his age is making him increasingly vulnerable...and after all he's accomplished that he really doesn't need to put himself in a situation where he risks his health...for the many years (hopefully) he'll spend with his wife and kids.
    As to his statement that it's one of the first times he's completed the 18 game season...I'd have to respectfully disagree. His post-knockout performance in the regular season often saw Calvillo as a mere shadow of his former self...despite his valiant efforts in the semi.
    What Alouettes fans need to evaluate is whether we want a quarterback for whom football is but one small part of his life...and who, by his own admission...had "protect yourself" as a foremost thought in his mind.
    Obviously being prudent has to be a consideration.
    Any Buck Pierce spotter can tell you that.
    But when the balance shifts against the fortunes of the comes time to re-evaluate.

  2. AC is understandably worried about money.
    He has to balance the potential dangers against the need for employment.
    "Sitting down with management" is goop-speak for taking a cut in salary
    Which is the only reasonable way this team will be able to carry two starting quarterbacks
    And no matter how you slice it...this is what we're talking about
    Hence his reference to his start in Montreal subbing in for an often-injured Tracy Ham.
    What Alouettes fans have to wonder is whether that salary bulge at the quarterback position will prevent Popp from filling some of the obvious holes in this lineup...and whether Adrian's contract has a clause that brings him substantially more money with increased playing time (certainly not unheard of in any sport)
    I suspect that AC will have to agree to a substantial cut to make everything work out

  3. I wonder if AC imagines himself in a coaching job
    There's no doubt he could bring a wealth of experience and savvy as a quarterback coach.
    But does AC have the "people skills"
    The ability to communicate and impart his knowledge?
    Most of his career he's been the lone warrior on the bench
    Silently sharing down-time with his faithful sidekick...Ben Cahoon
    And his pre-game speeches have always been forced and unnatural
    How that translates into a coaching career is anyone's guess
    There certainly will be no lack of respect from his potential "disciples"
    But I'm not sure that's enough.

  4. Adrian McPherson may be the key to his continued survival in this league.
    If AC and the Als can find a way to bring Adrian's talents to the field
    Not only will AC dispel the obvious qualms about his completing and excelling for another season...
    But I think even Calvillo realizes that it may be the way back to dominance for the club
    I'm not sure how many share my wish that he'd come to this epiphany a few weeks if not months ago
    But I am sure that if he had, we'd still be looking forward to a couple more weeks of football hard feelings
AC seems to be pointing the future of this team in a positive direction
And after a full day to absorb my bitter disappointment
I say
Better late than never

:thup: :thup: :thup: