Calvilio vs Allen

I think that most people would give the nod to Cavillio, but Allen has a slight advantage with . Combined 84000 passing and rushing yards vs Cavillio's 83500. Also Allen has 1 more Grey Cup to his credit... Allen also had a lot more Learning to do as he travelled around the league.

I would give the nod to Calvillo, and out of respect I would spell his name correctly.

Allen was a quarterback with average passing skills and superlative running ability who rode an elite defence to the last Grey Cup he won (2004). To me, the two QBs are not really in the same ballpark.

I enjoyed watching Damon Allen more.
He was amazing when pressure would come from the blind side and he instinctively knew, and without looking, would duck the hit and make a play.
He had more elements to his game and was successful in many places, whereas, Calvillo was only successful one place.

Yes but those many places are what takes away from some of that success. He was a little bit invisible in the US (Memphis) and Ottawa and by the time he finished in Toronto was not credited with the reason they won and many felt had hung in too long. However have to give credit where credit is due, you don't get to those numbers without being pretty done good.

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note that AC, HB,RR,DF, and WM, all have better carreer int td ratio, pass completion pct, and passer rating.

If every QB that was among the best to play in the CFL had played 23 years, I doubt DA would be in the top half.

Or at least be consistent with the incorrect spelling.

This moving target of a name is ridiculous! :roll:

Well if being named MVP in that Grey Cup game and then league MVP the next year was hanging on too long then you're correct.

If anyone hung on too long it was Cavillio... Adrien McPherso. Must despise him almost as much as golf carts

you realize that DA played 3 seasons more than AC....right?

Good ole' Bugle.
Er, Bangle.
I mean, Bagel.


Slant as we all know too well on this forum, never argue opinion with facts. :slight_smile:
I'm with you, just remembering the conversations around the dome at that time. The Argo's did a great job sending him off ( got my bobblehead) and he still gets lots of oohs and ah's when I see him at games so not everyone thought he was done but certainly there were a group that figured the team won with him not because of him. Sort of like how Kevin Glenn ( and not comparing them otherwise) gets talked about now.

Looks like he bungled it up....

ooooo, snap!

This is interesting debate.

However, I might suggest the reason Flutie is not mentioned here is because he spent a very short period of time in the CFL compared to DA and AC.

BTW, with the risk of starting a feud, I will state that Warren Moon was the best QB to ever play in the CFL.

However, like Flutie he spent a very short period of time in the CFL.

As a Stamp fan , that is hard for me to admit. Moon had an amazing arm and his running almost gave the EE a third RB.
If he had played his entire career in the CFL, it hurts my head to think the numbers he would have set.

Definitely AC. When DA was good, he was very good, but when he was off, he was REALLY bad. I'm of the opinion that AC was much more consistent over his career.