Calm before the storm

Things have been a little too relaxed around here as of late, since tomorrow is a home game we can all expect the usual noise to resurface once again, win or lose, my guess is that it will all start at 10:02 in the pm, aug 12.

Not really relaxed, you have to look inside the topics that look nice..but turn out to be complain city.

The main complaint will be, BOB should have opening the pursestrings and paid the russians more money for better weather. :wink:

We will never get to complain about the weather...Saturday will be perfect again!

I would like to know how bob got the contract on the perfect weather though! :wink:

this is as calm as it's ever going to get, even the mods are bored, they have thrown silly little threads out like bring in Batman, usually they'll only lock something once someone loses an eye or 2.

He probably has a dopplar 5000 in his backyard.

Cavil is starting so there shouldn't be many complaints about that.

The music was too loud, too frequent

Drexl, are you complaining about the complainers? Hmmm....

But, of course, there are going to be complaints. This is a webforum, after all.

I like to post and read the positives, as well, but when there's b**ching there's usually a reason for it!

No one forces anyone to read the negatives...I know when I'm having an "up" day and don't want to read negatives...I simply skip over the thread...kind of like turning the channel when you don't like a particular programme, eh?

For the record, I took my bottle of water into last game with no problems. I even asked the security dude who gave me the nod.

For kicks I will try again tommorrow and see whether bottled water policy A* or B** is in effect.

*No outside water allowed tonight
**What the heck...bring your own water tonight.

I have no proplem with complaining,

but there always seems to be excessive complaing on here, and overexaggerated complaining, and manic complaining.

Well, I do tend to agree with you in that regard...Guess we just have to try even harder to keep things positive :slight_smile:

Biggest complaint?

[b]Involuntary servitude!

Ranek will have only run for over 100 yards.[/b]

The biggest complaint could be that the beer was not cold. (I had to keep that running joke going.)


But I'm hoping that the third option will be our biggest complaint.