Calling the game with a 3 point lead and 47 seconds

One thing I appreciate about TSN's coverage is they never say it's over until it's pretty much over, trying to keep the game interesting through the end. That's why I was surprised when they ran the player of the game segment right after Maher's onside kick went out of bounds and Calgary had a 3 point lead. It may have seemed like a sure thing but Calgary went 2 and out and kicked a 45 yard field goal with Brandon Banks in the end zone before the kickoff and Hamilton's final possession. There's a few things that could have gone wrong for the Stamps in those last 40 seconds and I was hoping Speedy would break one on a missed FG or the kickoff just to prove them wrong. Would Mitchell still be player of the game?

It's not the first time that they've named their player of the game before the final whistle. I suppose that they figure not enough is going to happen in the remaining minute or less to negate the performance of the player that they've already chosen. IMO (biased I'll admit) Collaros played a much better game than BLM who I believe was named POTG but of course Zach didn't "WIN" the game for his team! :roll:

I don't believe it was Mitchell that was player of the game but DeVaris Daniels. And believing that the game was over was understandable. If the play clock was managed properly, the Stamps should have run out the clock but Messam screwed up and went out of bounds on second down.