Calling Out The "Die Hards"

I have been sitting here watching you guys cry and whine for the last couple of weeks, saying that you all know football and this ain't hoo hoo!

This is what we call rebuilding! No maybe these guys aren't wearing leather helmets or walking 5 kilometeres to the stadium barefoot in a blizzard but, damnit, they are trying. Every team in every sport sooner or later has to go through a rebuilding period, Mosca, Kelly, McManus, Coffey and hell even Morreale and Hitchcock can't play forever and new blood has to be brought in.

So yeah, maybe Maas sucks, maybe Lumsden sucks, maybe the D-Line and O-Line suck...or maybe you old guys suck, you big bad die hards who go to absolutely every game (sorry I can't make them all, I do have a social life) and then come on here a bitch and piss and moan...SHUT UP!!! The team will get better, you see ACTUAL Die Hards are with the team win or lose, the 'Die Hards' on this forum are more like Banwagon jumpers, you're pissy when we're down and your creaming on yourselves when we're on a roll. Maybe you should sit back and just enjoy the damn season

Just an opinion of a fan who can actually roll with the punches!

post deleted in 3...2...

for what reason?

Bitching and moaning about bitching and moaning is none other than bitching and moaning.

Stop with this "die hard" bull. Its annoying and pointless. If your die hard you dont need to brag and prove your die hard. It shouldnt matter what a bunch of people online think of you. give it a rest.

ahh quit yer bitching :twisted: :lol:

I have never claimed to be a die hard, I am saying if you read these forums lately it's all the 'die hards' saying that this ain't the Cats from the 70's...of course it's not, it's 2007!

Ah, quit yer bitchin’ and fetch me a beer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Football died in Hamilton after 1972. Since then, its been nothing but posers. The DOGS is where it is at. Support your AHL Hamilton Bulldogs....who let the dogs out....

I'll allways be a ticat fan. Doesn't mean I can't bitch when they stink! I also don't want to see another season like last year. Lots of teams make changes, major and minor ones, but they still seem to find a way to score at least 1 touchdown! I'm not buying the rebuilding crap, and I don't think alot of other fans are either!

at least you didnt tell me to (something unmentionable on a family site)

I would say anyone over 100 posts in this environment is a "die hard."


:D :D :D

Oski Wee Wee,

for excellent use of "verbs"

Posts like this with the constant flaming that takes place makes me wonder when the Ticats will remove the forum.

As the forums were designed to get fans to join together and discuss the team and events. But this forum has basically became a complainfest and personal attack forum. Whats the fun in running that.

No need to be alarmist. You either learn to run with the bulls or you get the horn up your hee haw.

'72, that's right, I killed it.

First if you call 1700 people in attendance for a caldercup cup playoff game as “where its at” ,you need your head shaken! As for Diehards , I rather listen to a diehard who has supported the team for many years instead of a poser!This team will only turn this season around if the organization wants it to do so!

hamilton needs a smaller and modern 10,000 seater for bulldogs games, a downtown indoor practice facility for the ticats, and an upgraded ivor wynne.

Hey Lotjtailgater: It's their winning record, or lack there of that directs posts in the direction it has gone. Don't blame the loyal, paying fans for the negativity, blame the front office, coaching staff and players. I am constantly amazed at how Hamiltonians fail to hold those who are responsible, responsible. Excuses, excuses, whah, whah, whah. Just win a frickin game, period! I saw big Chuck on the news, saying if there was a magic button I could push to win or make things better, believe me I would. The button is called teamwork, hardwork, better coaching and preperation, leadership, all the things the 2007 Hamilton Bulldogs showed a mere 15,000. This city is a calaberation of idiots and morons. 15,000 to a cup champion team and 28,000 to a underachieving, overrated, back to back losing seasons team. What a Joke!

And how's that working out....especially if your on a football website begging for people to come out and watch hockey.