Calling it now - Will Hill will be cut

Just watch the end of Austin's presser with Edwards, once he reviews the tape I am sure Will Hill will be gone. Completely unacceptable what he did and he has been pulling stunts like that over and over again after plays in the 4 games I've watched him play as a Cat.

I love the guy for his talent, but he just has some issues upstairs that prevent him from ever breaking through. Dude should be making millions right now in the NFL, really it's a sad story if you look at it from a human perspective I just wish he would have found his cool in Canada, but as I predicted he will always disappoint.

Been there, done that, watched my favourite team cut him once before after being an idiot and have a feeling I am going to witness that exact scenario play out again. Unbelievable.

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I don't agree. Will Hill has been one of the only bright spots so far this year. The guy can play and the Cats can't afford to lose somebody like that. Him grabbing the ref was serious frustration about the bogus unnecessary roughness penalties against the Cats. Austin slapped a ref himself last year so he is guilty of the same behavior. He will just have a chat with Hill and all will be fine. 8)

Hes the best talent on the defense and ST, hell the whole team so far this year. Yes he grabbed a ref, but with 3 bogus UR calls in 1 drive, the Riders more than likely shouldve been punting once or twice and keeping us withing reach instead get a touchdown, I was ready to reach through the tv and flatten one of them, im surprised he didnt.

I thought the Hill grab was just him explaining to the ref what was happening to Hill during play and what might have caused him to lash out after the whistle. There did not appear to me to be any aggression or hostility in the grab, just two guys talking, one of them animatedly ( is that even a word???).

Getting cut for that would not be appropriate in my view. But, a short leash for mental errors and garbage penalties would be appropriate. Speedy, over the past two seasons, including last night has done more to harm the team than Hill did, and he’s still a Cat.

Don't be surprised if you don't see Hill playing in Ottawa soon. :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

I will politely still disagree with you all.

I understand he was having a good game and has looked pretty good with us...but how much did he help the team last night realistically? I don't know about you guys, but I don't want my best players to be getting ejected from close games because they can't keep their cool. Austin said it best, we simply are not good enough team right now to deal with bullsh** like that.

Nick Shorthill I think was one of the lone bright spots last night, I'd be more than happy to plug him into the lineup.

Also my statements comes from Austin's final remarks...he simply stated people with no discipline who have a history of the same behaviour over and over will not play for this organization, I agree 100%.

I was the biggest Will Hill cheerleader when he first signed and predicted he'd be our starting linebacker, but I also predicted it wouldn't work out for one reason or another.

What he did was akin to you or me grabbing a police officer by scruff of the just don't do it, ever, plain and simple no excuses.

“Penalties are a concern, especially stupid ones. Undisciplined players aren’t going to play for us,? Austin said. “If you’re going to hurt the football team and you have a pattern of doing that, you won’t play for us.?

He is one to talk. :roll:

There is no other Coach in this League that looses his cool and lacks discipline faster and more often than Austin

from last year in SSK

And of course the infamous Stala "bump"

Oh I haven't forgotten by any stretch trust me, but I don't think Austin's past will influence this decision, whether that is right or wrong because of the hypocrisy is a whole different debate. Another debate is who's infractions were more outlandish...which I'd probably go with Austin because he is the head coach but when you grab someone by the scruff of their shirt, that is a direct threat in almost every situation imaginable, and to me it didn't look like Hill was having a polite civilized discussion with the ref about what Roosevelt had done to him.

What probably is setting me over the edge most is I've watched him mix it up after nearly any play he is involved in since he dawned the black and gold, and not five plays earlier last night he was in the thick of things when Speedy got that penalty...I know everyone wants to sh** on Banks, but guess what if Hill would have just got up like a normal person and walked away from the tackle, there never would have been a huge scrum for Speedy to get involved in. That's not dismissing Banks being an idiot, but people need to also understand Will Hill was the one who instigated that entire ordeal, and if you watched it closely he did same thing as Austin where he was flailing his arms in anger and accidentally smacked the ref in the face, which was what led to the refs reaction and eventual fall to the turf aided by Speedy. I could be wrong on that one, but I am pretty sure that's what I saw.

I stand firm with my assessment of the situation, time will tell who is right about this one, just following my gut instinct.

And for the record, I thought Austin was acting way out of line in both situations and said something along the similar line where I don't want people acting like thugs on the field trying to bully people around in a Ti-Cats uniform or hat in his case, makes the whole organization look bad and is unacceptable.

At very least if he sticks around, I highly doubt the league will allow him to suit up in the home opener.

8) Agree with you 100% !! Hill has all the talent in the world, but he is a loose cannon, and that cannot be tolerated !!
  I well remember your comments on him when we signed him  "2ez", and he has proven your concerns regarding 
   him.   Trouble has followed him his whole career, and as a result his career in the NFL came to an abrupt end !!

   Some of you people who think it is all right for him to grab an official by the shirt, don't have a clue what you are 
    talking about !!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

    I can guarantee the league will fine him heavily or suspend him for his action.

     Now lets see if Austin is true to his word, regarding undiciplined   players, or just blowing hot air !!   <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

Hill will be suspended, the CFLPA will dispute the suspension and fine.
It will go to arbitration for 10 weeks and turn into a gong show like the Duron Carter "bump" ruling last year.

I can see that scenario playing out 100% … and it will make the league look like a joke once again.

OPINION : Verbal abuse is one thing, and no doubt the referees in most sports including football, overlook a lot of obnoxious remarks directed towards them during games,by players and coaches alike. But when a player physically accosts an official it time for clear punishment. Hill should be suspended for a minimum 8 games. And then run out of town. The CFL won't win fans with thugs parading around. I'd bet a dollar that Bob Young doesn't think Hills disgracefull action was what he had in mind when he so accurately indicated the value of entertainment for the fans recently.

He grabbed his shirt, He didn't murdered him in broad daylight haha oh boy

Exactly thank you, and it was after the refs clearly showed who signed their paycheques this week with 3 back to back to back ridiculous UR calls. Just when we were clawing back, they gift wrapped SSK a TD. Even rewind a bit and that roughing the passer call on Laurent, he was there on the hit JUST after the ball was thrown and even the announcers were trying to piece together what the hell the issue was. All they could think of was maybe the hit was marginally high in the helmet to helmet area? Garbage reffing

No one said he murdered anyone...but please go try and grab a police officer by his shirt and see what happens...I know people won't like the analogy and say I am being to serious, but the refs are the police on a football simply don't touch them, why is that a hard rule to follow? Lets remember this isn't real life, it's a football game, there is no reason to even indicate you're threatening a ref, it just makes you look like a fool.

Do you honestly trust that Hill will learn his lesson after a fine and suspension? Trust him to keep his cool in a playoff game when everything is on the line? Because I don't, especially after watching him closely in the NFL and CFL, I really feel like that is the major difference influencing my opinion, I've seen Will Hill play a ton of football, last night was completely within his character from what I saw with the Ravens and now Cats. He's a hothead, plain and simple, and he doesn't like to follow the rules.

Yes refs sucks, but doesn't mean you can grab them by scruff of their shirt when they're trying to calm your ass down to avoid another penalty.

If people truly have an issue with the chaotic state this team is in right now, cutting Will Hill would be a great way to send a message. If you guys are fine with him pulling stunts like that after the whistle than we can disagree, but I personally don't think it has any place in the game.

This is the CFL.

He better get used to horrible officiating.

8 game suspension :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

There is absolutely no room in any refereed sport for anyone to touch a ref! I wouldn't think Hill needs be cut by Cats but a 1 or 2 game suspension from league office would be quite appropriate. He is a talent we cannot afford to lose in long run, based on what has been put out on field thus far. We don't need a Duron Carter on TiCats team!!!!!!

A few thoughts here- Hill grabbing the ref is inexcusable and I had no problem with the ejection nor will I be surprised if he is fined and suspended a game (but 8 is excessive in an 18 game season - maybe in baseball or hockey). He can just serve any suspension that might be handed down - doesn't have to appeal and I would like to see that happen rather than drawing it out like the Carter incident from last year.

I don't know anything about his past problems in terms of issues on the field but I suspect that he will be given an opportunity to clean up his act or be gone - unfortunate to lose such a talented player but his actions will only hurt the team more than help it in the long run. I have no problem with that either.

The contact on the official by Austin last season was more incidental than intentional as he was trying to get an explanation from the official on the flag that had been tossed on Filer and wasn't getting any response. That doesn't excuse it, but it isn't the same as intentionally grabbing a ref by the shirt. Refs are going to remember that and Hill is going to be watched VERY carefully for a time by most officials on the field.

There were WAY too many penalties last night - most of them deserved - but I do agree that there were at least 2-3 that were questionable ( at least one on Hill) and helped the Riders down the field when it could least be afforded by the Ticats. It IS very frustrating for the players but they HAVE to learn NOT to react or confront the officials. Austin has in the past contacted the league office about any penalties called that he felt were questionable and expressed his concern or asked for some reasoning behind the call. It doesn't help in the moment of course but at least the officials know the team feels that some calls were borderline at best. I didn't see the whole replay of the call on Teddy but it looked to me that he maybe hit Glenn a bit lower than he should have - just off on the timing maybe or the change of position by KG as he passed the ball could have caused that. Seemed to me to be an unfortunate but necessary call - after all how often does Teddy draw a flag.