Calling In Sick

Hi people, just letting you know I'm leaving early today due to leg cramps.
My wife forgot to stock up on Gatorade in this humidity.

P.S., I'm also sick to my stomach because we lost (before the game even started) last night.

Go Ren...s... Ah F@#K IT ALL. :wink:

Yo, Gary,

Don't be all depressed because you lost by one TD against one of the league's top team... The Rens will lose again this year, and so are all the other teams. Don't let go. What would you do if you were a Bomber fan or a Ticat fan?

Keep your head up, and good afternoon on the terrasse (gotta make the most of a sick break).

Was that an allusion to all the "injured" Esks last night lying on the field as if they were mortally wounded?

Stay by your team.. even if we aren't playing so well. We will get something going sooner or later. Hopefully, tonite because I will be at the game. :wink:

I wish you a nice evening BB&G, but not a VERY nice evening. You can enjoy the sun, the beer, the cheerleaders, the good company in the stands... but not victory. Can't wish you that!

You never know bud... I hope we pull off a win and you hope that your team gets one. I for sure will enjoy the sun, the cheerleaders and all the other fun things about going to a game.

You gade fans have nothing better to say about the game then all the leg cramps the Esks had... did you guys see the game? well probably not judging by the attendance, what's the excuse this game? everyone at the cottage today? chance of rain? there was a spider in the stands? aww poor babies. You ask any Esk/Rider/Stamp/bomber, ok every other team except for the teams in the domes if this kind of stuff stops them from supporting their home team. There is nothing better than sitting out in Commonwealth stadium in November, at minus 40 watching a game. It was effn freezing at last years playoff game versus the Riders, but no one complained and no excuses were made.

the heat yesterday probably made them want to sit infront of the air conditioning instead of coming down and watching their team play.. I'd love to go watch a game at our Canad Inns Staidum.. and I get to experience it the first time this year, today.