Calling In Sick for November 3rd

I am definetly buying a ticket for that game When Rob Hitchcock gets to return to Hamilton and punish our recievers and running backs for the huge mistake our upper management made this year im gunna be dressed in black and gold but cheering for 42

blah blah blah....get over it

Yea get over it I had so much fun watching our ex players in saskatchewan destroy us it was awesome specially 2 offensive plays touchdown against our defence the same defence all you thought would be better without Hitch hang on how many catches do opposing slotbacks make over our middle

I do not think releasing Hitch was to make us better this year, it is with an eye to the future.
When the team is good in a couple of seasons (hopefully) Hitch would not be around.
Why waste a roster spot on an old veteran, and have to release a young player with a talented future.

I loved Hitch also...maybe one of my all time favs, but I don't get his coming back for three games wiyh Edmonton.
They are the only other team OUT of the playoffs.

I will be amazed if he has an impact on the end result.

Just watch and see he is still Hurt by the Ticats cutting him and he has 2 games to warm up and get back into game shape that when he plays us its going to hurt trust me

You wont have to buy a ticket: there will be lots of redemption tickets floating around outside the stadium that day.

Out of curiousity, I know we all have great memories of what Hitchcock did back in the day, but is there anyone out there that would actually have him in their starting lineup at either LB or safety?

Yeah Im calling in sick for the ticat game, Im going to montreal to see Habs and Leafs, for now that game still means something. Kind of crazy for the schedule makers to go head to head with HNIC. As for redemption tickets, do they carry over for next season? LOL

Choice of two games with no playoff implications IMHO.

Oh, and I'll be watching the cats, of course.