Calling Eric Tillman, The BLUE Need YOU!!!!

I can’t beleive that one of the Best GM’s in the CFL is out of work. I say fire Taman and Hire Tillman. It’s a no brainer. Tillman has Smarts, contacts, resourses. Taman has nothing. It is bad enough that a community owned team can not compete financialy in this Millionair spending league, how can we build a team with a GM that can’t lure tallent to the team. Taman has had a chance and has made the Bombers a worse off team then improving it.

I give Sask Credit, Thanks to Cal Murphy for taking Roy Shivers under his wing and making him the GM that he is. He has Cal’s contacts down south and that is huge for the Riders. To bad he has such a mouth, but whatever works.
The funny thing is how Winnipeg and Sask helped bail out Toronto a few years back. Two low budget community owned teams. Then Toronto took that cash to pay Arlan Bruce and He hate Me Avery. They lured Bruce away from Winnipeg with cash that Winnipeg gave them to keep them in the league. Toronto is five times bigger then Winnipeg and Sask with alot more fans with cash. Go figure how that works. Then Bruce helps them to win the cup and Toronto is again the big dogs in the east.

Sure I’m a die hard Bomber fan. I sit in the stands with my stomach turning as the horror show continues for the Blue. I wonder what if we just start spending money and running a huge debt. Then we can get Tor, Edm, BC, Cal, Ott, and Mont to pay our bills, that sounds better, but it is just pipe smoke.
We need a Commish who want’s to make this league a fair league for all teams. I wouldn’t bring a new team into this league unless there as some insurence that the league will run fair and level for all teams.
The Bombers are in big trouble, It’s a fact. We need to start spending money, we can’t be a team that can compete when we are tring to pull ourselves out of debt. If we payed a guy like Ricky Ray 460 K, we would be so far in the whole we would be paying $200 bucks a game for nose bleed seats.

Knock the Bombers all you want… It’s not a fair league and the bombers and a few other teams are the victoms. Winnipeg stadium will be a ghost town before the season is over, that means more lost cash for the blue.

That’s my opinion, and maybe mine only. But the truth is out there. Open up your eyes.

Rumour has it, now that John Lisowski (sp?) has quit the Renegades, Tillman may be re-hired by his friend Lonnie Glieberman.

…hey 'pegger, we all feel for you, but lumping your woes on everyone else isn’t the answer…

…maybe you should open your eyes…if BC, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal and Hamilton can afford to field a great to decent squad then 66.6% of the league is screwing the other 33%?.. c’mon, give your head a shake…

…you even wrote the answer yourself, it’s your GM and Coaching staff…the BBs actually have talent, they’re jsut not utilizing them properly…

…I’ll take the flames for example…here was a basement squad that had rough talent but no driving force to mold them, add an excellent front office man (King) and a grassroots coach who got respect from his players (Sutter) and, holy sh*t, a Stanley Cup run…

…look, I’m not telling you you’re wrong to be P.O.d…you have every right to be, but the BBs are not a bad team, they just need leadership…getting Tillman would be a start…

Winnerpegger: hang in there. The Blue will pull it together.
Supersmith: are you kidding! That would be great if Tillman came back! Come on back Eric, all is forgiven!!!


Sounds good to me, there is a cancer in the BB club and it sounds like Taman is it! So if we replace him with Tillman, who sounds good, LET’S DO IT!!!

It would be good to get Tillman back with a team.

Roy Shivers didn’t need Cal’s contacts. He has/had his own and he is a tremendous judge of talent especially guys who didn’t get drafted.

Red, you make no sense at all… The NHL just sat out a year because the dollars were crumbling in that league while players continued to become rich at the cost of the fans. Calgary was a top running team in the fight for a hard cap. They lost the cup to a team with a higher sallary base. The fact is the NHL needed to stop free spending on players and have done that to save the league.
On anygiven day any team can beat another ( Ott VS Mont), I understand that. I don’t think you understand the difference between having the cash and not having it. I’ll tell you right now Taman is probably the lowest paid GM in the league, and I would almost bet we Pay Jim Daly the lowest then any other coach. It is the dollar factor. A community owned team can only do so much. A free spending team can do alot more. That’s the bottom line of the story.
Just because Calgary has a new owner willing to loose money doesn’t mean they are better then the Bombers, It just means that they can pay for showboaters like Coopland and Has beens like Burris who are raising the pay scale in this league. I heard the crying last year from the bottom feeders of the west. Now it is our turn, and we don’t have a owner with bucks to buy our way out of the bottom. Hope your proud of our league…

PS. I love the Flames, unless the Jets come back. I think the Flames have a solid team. Jarome is the best in the NHL in my opinion. The Flames were not a surprise, they are that good…

Just a personal opinion here - Yes, the Flames lost to a team with a higher salary base, and no one in their right mind would refute that point. However, I believe that the fact that the Flames made it as far as they did in the playoffs - and they went as far as you can go without actually hoisting the cup - kind of illustrates that it doesn’t necessarily take money to build a contending team. I think my beloved Leafs also show this - they keep throwing the cash around for higher profile players, but when was the last time they won a cup? Yes, the money helps, but it’s the players and staff who make the real difference in the long run, whether they’re getting paid top-notch salaries or not.

…quit poking your finger in my chest…I was sympathetic to your plight up until this last post…couple of things for you to learn:

a) Our owners are not losing money. I dont’ know why you think this is a given. Successful business people know how to run a franchise and don’t buy business ventures to lose millions of dollars. If you need to think otherwise to satisfy your sorrowful wails and anguish then go ahead, but you’re wrong.

b) You missed the point of my NHL analogy, it had nothing to do with money. All I was saying is that a team with raw talent can do great things with proper guidance and executive leadership. I didn’t mention anything about salary cap or the financial troubles of either league. A team with heart, molded by superior leadership can do wonderful things. Money doesn’t buy you this, something money can’t buy does.

c) I am proud of our league, as are many others here. If you are not, then friggin go find something else to do. Nobody is holding a gun to your head making you grow an ulcer over how your club’s management works with the resources they have. The bombers won’t fold, but may not do well in the standings this year, tough-t*tty, my club was the whipping boy of the CFL for three years and it sucks, but the fans here never once blamed other clubs for it.

…write your club’s office and tell them how P.O.d you are…

Point taken. Not all players want the big bucks, Some just like the game. I am just a sour Bomber fan, but it would be cool to have alittle more money over here or a hard cap that is enforced.
Milt Stegall , Charlie Roberts, Ryland Wickman all deserve more cash but don’t demand it. Good team guys. could easily leave the Bombers for more cash but don’t. We lost Orlando BOBO (one of our best linemen, last year) and Ricky Bell ( the one bright spot in the secondary) because they demanded more cash. The question I ask is why are they not playing else where. Cause if the Bombers release them another team with more cash will sweep them away…

…don’t let a 0-3 start finish you off for the season…hell, edmonton had a 0-3 start last year (ah, the blissful memory brings goosebumps)…the BBs have a solid front line D, a workable O…you played two powerful teams in the Eskimos and Riders and frankly Calgary didn’t deserve to win so it’s been a bad run, but things will change…you’re not headed to a 0-18 year by any stretch and once that first win comes the rest will follow in due course…chin up, sorry if I was abrasive but an open hand slap sometimes brings a soldier around…

I love how you can insert humour in just about every post! :stuck_out_tongue:

i can answer the bobo and bell questions. they are not playing elsewhere because they are not that good. last year on the blue they looked good because they had no one around them. the rest of our secondary was injured and second string. our o line has stunk for years but thankfully we used to have sellers to fill the holes. those two thought they were worth more than they really were. man, i hate it when the bombers stink it up.