Calling all Ottawa fans

Hi all Ottawa fans be it Rough Riders or Renegades.
Please sign this asap.

Please sign this petition and tell your friends to sign

Unsuspending the team requires a little thing called an "owner".....I doubt much will be done until proper people are put in place, regardless of how many you're able to sway into signing a petition of this nature.

If it was your team you would be doing everything possible and also asking other fans to do the same thing, this is only the beginning, w have lots of other things on the go. We would help you if your team fell. Thanks. We have a campaign for potential owners as well.

Apparently, you don't know me well.

There is no point in "demanding" operations be un-suspended until all workings are up and running....

Even if a petition ends up accomplishing nothing it can’t make things worse. It also could at least continue to show an interest from people in the region in having a CFL team here again.

Ottawa fans get knocked here from time to time for not standing up and being loud enough. Here’s one trying to show, and perhaps increase, interest. There’s no harm, and if you have other suggestions, we’re all ears.

we are not demanding anything, we are simply trying to be counted. this is just a small part of what we are doing, the rest is not going to be uveiled on this board at any time soon. Ottawa fans, we are working to get noticed by the CFL, potential owners and City Hall. Any other fans, if you want to help out by signing please do so if not then thanks for the read. Keeping in mind the CFL is everyones and if any other team need help in the future we are here for you, regardless. Yes even Green Rider fans.

EVERYBODY on should be signing this petition :rockin: ...Especially the Mods. :twisted:

Great thanks. Ah, it would be nice if all CFL fans thought like you "sigh"

Come on you guys, aint gonna kill you to sign,

Why are we even bothering? Who cares? They had two opportunities and failed. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice shame on me. The CFL needs to move on and look outside of Ottawa. Quit trying to raise the Phoenix; it is a dead horse.

If you don't care, then by all means spend your time on threads on which topics that you DO care about are discussed. There's nothing forcing you to post here, lad. :thup:

Not sure what you mean by "unsuspend", what we need is to encourage someone like Jeff Hunt to approach Steelback and discuss a franchise resurrection.

The league has already turned away Frank D'Angelo once. Hunt is well-liked and respected here, but I don't know if his name means much to the CFL brass and Mark Cohon in particular.

Nonetheless, I'll play ball. How do you want to do this? D'angelo has already said that he would not approach the CFL again, they'd have to go to him. So what would you prefer to do? Try to convince D'Angelo and Hunt to approach the CFL again, or to convince the CFL to contact D'Angelo/Hunt?

The best thing to happen is for the CFL to approach the City of Ottawa and try to work out an agreement with FCS. Without a good deal nobody is going to approach the CFL. As for the unsuspension? if you unsuspend the Ottawa franchise , then technically that lifts the expansion fee, you can`t have it both ways, either we are a new expansion team looking for new owners or we a team already in the league waiting for new owners minus expansion fee. Why should we pay another expansion fee if we are suspended, we would be a lot more attractive to potential owners if the CFL did that.

BINGO :thup:

They don't call it the B of G for nothing!

Board of Greed :roll:

We may just need to accept that "suspend" was used as a politically correct term at the time.

As far as deal for FCS, it seems like a chicken-or-the-egg thing to me. The city wouldn't look at a real proposal from Palmer until they received confirmation from the CFL that he was a "contender". So while I understand the point of view of that they need to offer a sweet deal, I can't imagine them working out something now just in case they get a solid offer later. I think interest will have to come from the league to the city first, not the other way around.

Yep. again it`s CFL who is in the driver seat.
it is a catch 22 situation and the fans are stuck right in the middle.

Le nouveau commissaire me déçoit beaucoup car il ne veut pas ou en tout cas il ne semble pas pressé de donner une nouvelle chance à Ottawa. Je crois qu'Ottawa mérite une équipe car si les Glibermen n'étaient pas venu ici nous aurions encore notre équipe. Maudit Glibermen à la merde!

Not nice Ti-Guy...I guess the mods can't understand French. :roll: