Calling All Maritimers

Totally apart from the issue of expansion down east (or maybe not), I'm curious to know how many Maritimers are on this board.

I've lived on PEI for 31 years, although I was born in Hamilton.

Who else is there?

Hi ploen_truth,

I live in Nova Scotia, been here all my 41 years. I was born in Halifax but now live 1 hour south of Halifax for the last 29 years.

Regarding "Totally apart from the issue of expansion down east (or maybe not)"

I'm all for expansion down east. I went to Moncton this year to watch the Argos play and I'll most likely be there again next year as long as I can make it work . I've been an Argos fan for as long as I can remember watching the CFL. Personally I hope Halifax can get something going with regards to a new stadium and perhaps with word lately of considering making an offer to host games in the women's World Cup if Canada wins the bid there just may be hope yet.

I'm pretty sure there are a few Maritimers on the boards here.


Hi there, great username!

A couple of years ago I met the old Argo linebacker Brian Warren at a kids’ athletic event in Dartmouth. Any chance you were there too?


Nope I definately wasn't there.

Hi! Living in New Brunswick these days, looking forward to more football out this way!

There must be more of us. ALinNB? HfxTC? Anyone?

I can't technically call myself a maritimer, but I'm close. I have an "ocean view" in eastern Québec on the Gulf of St. Lawrence where, if a team were in Moncton, would be closer to me than any other CFL team :slight_smile:. In fact, if a team ends up in Moncton, I'll be first in line for two season tickets, cheering them on ... except when the Riders come to town, of course. :thup: :rockin: :thup:

Just getting this thread back on page 1....

there's a ton of great maritime CFL fans... though you might have to go to a different forum (like or to find them).

Well I was a VISITOR to the Maritimes while Touchdown Atlantic was on and the buzz was HUGE! I'd go check a game there anytime. P.S. I loved the sign:

"Hey Toronto, this is how you sell out a game!"

Just going to poke my head in here and say hi :smiley:

I have started a thread on in search of other HRM And Area CFL Fans and I have found some.

Feel free to drop in and share your opinions, reveal your favorite team and wheather you'd support a CFL team for Halifax.

Also the Halifax Stadium Discussion continues on as well

Again feel free to weigh in with your thoughts and opinions.


I think the 2nd link should be

[url=] ... 40&page=91[/url]

Thanks PiCat. :smiley:

Wanted to say Hello, First post here. I'll try to pop in and share my thoughts. Too bad Toronto couldn't get it done this year.

Welcome to the CFL boards. Nice to find another Argo fan from the Maritimes!