Calling all Kingston Cat Fans

Is there anybody here from Kingston?

That's where I'm living these days. I've never been as interested in the TiCats as I have been this year (esp. the last month), and I really wish I could be at the game. I was back in the Hammer last weekend, though, and time-wise, I can't afford that trip more than once a month. I also don't have a tv, so I'm wondering where I can go to see the game. It would be awesome if they were playing it at Fanatics downtown (Princess and Barrie), since I'm only a couple blocks away from there. What do you think the chances of that will be? And if not there, what is the most likely sports bar type location where I could watch the game? Perhaps I'll just have to go to Sears and "test out" one of their tv's for the afternoon....

I am sure they will have the game on at that time - if not, request it, they'll put it on at least one screen.

surely a local bar gets tsn down in kingston tell the batrtender to let the nfl take a back seat for 3 hrs cuz u wanna watch a real game


Fanatics will have the game for sure. They have booths with individual TVs in them. We watched one of the western playoff games there last year the same night as a Leaf/Hab game.

If for whatever reason you can't get in there, head to the Queen's hotel down on Brock street below Bagot. I'm sure they can get it on for you in there.