Calling All CFL Fans, especially in Ontario - Argo ticket promos?

Hey CFL Fans!

My name is Nathaniel with the Toronto Argos sales team. I’m looking to put together a promo code for fans to purchase tickets at a discounted rate! Not only for Argos fans but for all CFL fans in the Toronto area or willing to make the trip to the city!

I’m just trying to gauge how interested in this our fans would be. If this sounds like something you would want please express interest under this post, thank you!


welcome Nathaniel, thanks for posting. i hope you get some input. would be great to expand the argos fanbase and get more people into the seats.

note: i edited the topic title to be a bit more geographically specific.

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Thank you for your help! Really appreciate it.

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For sure, any promo code will be good to bring out more fans in. Would this be in addition to extra tickers STHs can buy throughout the season?

As I live in Illinois, I wouldn’t be able to use it often but when I do make it up to Toronto I’d likely use it.


supposed to hate you, but now that I see how much the west hates the Argos, ya’ll are my second favourite team.

great initiative!

good luck. hope you finish no better than 2nd in the East this year :slight_smile:


I’d be interested in a promo code!


I think this is a great idea!

I live in Nova Scotia but would be interested in a promo code as I usually make a trip or 2 each summer/fall to Toronto.


Sure why not

(To gauge success though I would suggest any test be on a non-Hamilton game since they do tend to crash most often; if you want to see results on Argo fans and not general CFL fans)

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I’d love to see this and would definitely be able to take in a game or two.



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