Calling all Als trolls...

If posting about a Grey Cup 11 days after it happened is 'old news', I never want to hear any of you talking about any of your team's past Grey Cup's ever again. If it occurred more than 2 or 3 days ago, than let's just pretend it never happened.

RLR , don't worry about some posters calling BC's GC win old news. They're just jealous , that's all. :lol:

Extremely so, especially when their team never even made it into the playoffs.

No matter if someone likes it or not, the BC Lions are the Grey Cup Champions until someone else wins it. Therefore, it's not fair, or even true, to say it's "old news". It's current news.

Very well said.

Its current news for sure but did anyone really expect the "troll" to show his face around here again?

True,true…very true! It will be current news up until or IF they are eliminated in the playoffs next year.

Hubba,hubba!! :o