Calling all Als trolls...

Where'd you go? Iceman? Whoever else there was. Own up to you talking a lot of smack and getting your asses kicked at the Grey Cup by my BC Lions.

...most of them were banned....

I know this isn't necessarily the proper place for this question, but...what exactly is a 'troll'....Thanks

A troll is someone who makes posts on message boards with the primary objective of annoying other (or even all) members of that forum community.

There are other ways of trolling too, but this is a common method of trolling.

…and another way is to cast your fishing line at the end of your boat while it is going at a low speed… … and like all trolls and trolling in general…you end up with nothing… :lol:

"They" were not banned!!!!
"He" was banned. As mentioned before it was all the same poster!

What a sad, sad "Als" fan. Montreal can keep him.

Who cares anyways? The Grey Cup was, what, almost 3 weeks ago?

Ya, you're right. It was a long, long time ago. Almost doesn't count anymore, right?

By the way, it was 11 days ago. Enlighten me on how a Grey Cup victory is old news not even two weeks later. I'd love to hear it.

...says the guy with a 2005 Grey Cup champs Esks picture in his post..

that was, what, almost a year ago??

So do you think you "won" against the montreal troll or what? Why do you even stoop to that guys level of pointless trashtalking, by essentialy claiming that you are better than him? Just ignore trolls next time, it works much better :thup: .

I agree with eske123.

Trolls want the attention! If we ignore them they will move along somewhere else.

Its old news because at this point nayone that cares about hte cfl already knows it happened. It is fairly safe to say that everyone that visits this site already knows who won the grey cup. If everyone knows it then its not news.

you made this thread like a week too late

Well, I consider myself a big Als fan and I can admit that the better team won. Alouettes' offence just did not show up in the first half. As far as trash talk goes...not really my thing. I find open, honest and mature discussions about the game far more interesting than "We're the best, you guys S*CK!" kind of talk.

Good one papa, couldn't have said it better! :wink: :wink:

Iceman wasn't an Als fan. But there was one serious troll that was an Als fan who made a guarantee and hasn't been heard from since. how's life treating you, ITOLDYOUSO?

I heard that ITOLDYOUSO was one poster and the others were one other poster so they might be two.
And no , it's not to late to call that ITOLDYOUSO up on his guarantee. Sure he's banned , but he got around his ban by spelling his name different by one letter a couple of times. So he could still get on here but he's just too much of a chicken.

So what about your guarantee Itoldyouso??

And I still think he's the SteveMandel from last season who pulled the identical crap.

Such an ugly word for such a cute picture no?

Did you get jm02's permission before you posted her picture?

What the heck? :lol: